"Jingle Jingle Jangle"

Eddy is a place where parents hide Christmas presents for him, but when you check the safe deposit box is there just clothes. Eddy was very upset and asks for help to Edd, but it does explain what it is magic of Christmas. Eddy is so disappointed that he did not find gifts, gifts that decides to steal the other kids, but he does not succeed. For this Nazz starts to talk about kissing under the mistletoe, which Eddy reacts quite rapidly, and spits on the girl. The episode also comes Santa Claus with sack of presents, which Eddy wants to keep them to yourself.

"Hanky Panky Hullabaloo"

Valentine's Day episode. In the school gives Maja Ed Valentine card. After not accepting the card Ed tries to comfort their friend. Meanwhile, two amorous elves shoot arrows of love in the Edd and Maya. Shoot accurately and teenagers fall in love, much to bother their friends, who try to separate them. Elves continue to shoot arrows of love and created another pair.

"Boo Haw Haw"

Halloween. Eddy gets from his brother Horrorgrod map, which contains a route to a lot of sweets. Buddies dressed in Halloween costumes follow, so the route, which indicates the map. Along the way, have different visions of the dark, but through the whole route and what is it? It turns out that Horrogrod their alley. Eddy is furious at his brother.

"The Eds Are Coming"

Jimmy has a nightmare in which aliens attack the alley. The dream somehow turns out to be true, and Jimmy is convinced that he saw aliens. In addition, Ed disappears, and the house is unnaturally hot Rolf chimney and something comes out, it turns out that Ed is not a meteor as initially thought. Peach Creek Residents agree to take revenge on the aliens and prepare action. At the end you can see how a spaceship flies away, and Jimmy wakes up from sleep ...