Interesting quotes


"A means to support, they're bringing friends, B is increasing and Lean Edd Eddy, and C is a lemon, which is personally can not stand, unless the tea."

"I have not washed socks Eddy. As I fall slippers is a massacre."

"Even think about it, you'd better think!"

"Toast with butter!"

"Eat the broccoli, Eddy!"


"And what, Johnny? Do not you learned anything from their mistakes?"


"Hey Dracula? What is left today woke up smelly sock?"

Interesting dialogs

Edd: School? I am sorry that I have for you some bad news. But today is Saturday.
Eddy: Saturday! Ed, you fool! You woke me to school on Saturday? (Stuck in the ground)
Ed: But it's not my fault Eddy. Abdomen me ask you, said the day bottomless gravy in the cafeteria (pulls out a shovel)
Eddy (takes a shovel and beat Edd's head until the pockets into the ground): Your head is abysmal!