In the Ed Edd n Eddy world is no shortage of magic. Maybe it is not the same as in acartoon witch, but as in any cartoon, it is present. And if in our life is magic? Do you believe in magic? Many people will tell you that magic does not exist, but each of uslives his life in some magical moments.

TMagic is not only fairies and magic with cards or with your hand. Magic is all that is important to us, important, amazing. Magic is something for everyone else - for some, is a romantic evening for others to . Some less, others more believe in magic, but in each of our lives, it is certainly present there somehow.

If you meet with your big dream - is not it magic? When you spend an amazing time withyour loved one - is not it magic? When you feel better than ever, you're happy and joyful -is not it magic?

You can calculate the infinite, but if someone is stubbornly argued that magic is not it stilldo not convince him.