Pacman game

Each of us loves the game of various types, so why Ed Edd n Eddy would not love them? In their world there is room not only for team games, with whom they play with friends, or games, or rather the games that lead the people to extort money from the let, but it is also time for online games.

Not everything you see is really all you need to know. There are various issues that are not displayed openly, and they must be guessed. Not many people know that your favorite games Ed Edd n Eddy are . Not many people know, because this is not say so directly, and the man is so lazy that he rarely looks for the information of himself, he prefers to give him everything on a tray.

Pacman is already a cult games online games that are popular around the world. Canadians love this game, although they do not love Ed Edd n Eddy, so maybe it will help build a common bond? Pacman is one of the most popular characters from the games. Has become popular in the days when the pacman games played on the machine, not on computers as we have today. Pacman was created in 1980, so already a bit years each count.

In the classic version of pacman has 255 levels. It is a lot and they provide entertainment for hours. World record in the game Pacman gone through all the levels without loss of life in 6 hours and managed to get the maximum possible number of points, or 3,333,360 points. You can try to compensate for this result and do it in less time. Ed Edd n Eddy tried not once, but they did not work out, can you succeed?

The game consists of pacman eating dots and avoiding ghosts who prey on Pacman. Names are ghosts Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde. Pacman is a game of skill, which apparently seems to be very simple. But as it turns out it is not at all as trivial as it might seem. The game requires a bit of skill, because avoiding ghosts is not all that easy, especially in the later stages, when they run faster and faster.

I hope I was able to invite you to try pacman games. Finally, a small film presents this cult game. In the same game you play by clicking the link provided above. I wish you great fun:)