Everyone has a hobby, but not everyone is praising him. Not many people wpadłoby that Ed Edd n Eddy love photography, but it is so. Photography for them is not art, but as usual, a way to earn a lightweight and relatively simple way. For most people, however, whether contemporary or photograph of our ancestors is, something more than just a way to make money.

This photo is classified as art. There are many artists - photographers, who set his pictures in galleries such as images. Many photographers are world famous and highly appreciated. Photography allows you to commemorate an important human events, moments, and therefore the art of photography is so unique.

The photograph can be divided into different subcategories. We have for example, advertising photography and wedding photography. Advertising photography allows for visibility of the advantages of an object, services in such a way that will encourage customers to buy a particular product or service. Is it art? Sort of yes, because we have even such a thing as commercial art. If you want to commemorate your wedding is certainly an appropriate example would be . Wedding photography is also a kind of art. But more than art is a unique memorial that will last for years and they all will resemble the beginning of a new way of life, we chose a pair of lovers.

These are just two examples of photography, and they can be distinguished much more. It is clear however that does not look like a photograph can be art and everyone can be an artist. Photography for earnings? Yes there is. But mostly it is a combination of work with the hobby. Photographer who takes pictures just for the money - not a good photographer.