Ed Horacy - is one of the three main characters. His hobbies are watching horror movies and reading comic books, which badly affected his mind, which is considered the least intelligent in the package. By colleagues from the package is often used for heavy work or as bait. He may be less intelligent, but it is strong and full of optimism, as well as playing the flute well, and draws. Exterior does not attract - yellow skin, short black hair and an eyebrow. It may deter that Ed is a messy and very smelly. Ed's favorite clothes are purple pants, white shirt with red stripes and a dark jacket. Ed has a younger sister, Sarah, for which he is not wearing. Ed is quite eccentric - she loves chicken, but is allergic to rabbits, and yet they are so cute ... Sensitization is also caramel, though very like it.

Edd Marion - the second mate of the gang. Considered the wisest mainly by the fact that sometimes crazy ideas opposed to Eddy. In contrast to his colleagues is opposed to violence, and the lies.. Against the background of guys makes it also the fact that he likes to learn and try to create new things. In contrast, Ed is weak physically, so that physical work is avoided like the plague. His favorite outfit is orange shirt, purple pants and red socks, and then a red jacket with green patches on the elbows and tie. His attribute is also a black hat, which he never pulls.

Eddy Joseph - he oldest of the gang buddies, has 12 years and is considered to be "boss." The most cunning of the gang. His favorite task is coming up with scams, so you can get money. He has an older brother who is not his friend, rather, a necessity. Eddy is a costume: yellow polo shirt with red vertical stripe and a purple collar and purple tipped sleeves, blue pants and red shoes. Later in his dress shirt there is still a zipper pocket.