"The Ed-touchtables"

Edd lost magnifying glass, and Sarah doll. Eddy comes, therefore, I conclude that the alley prowling thief. Edd with my friends decide to catch the thief.

"Nagged to Ed"

Edd with my friends go to the forest posuzkiwaniu worms. They were there "friend" who had made it to his trailer. Treat guests like kings until the became aware that nothing will get in return.

"Pop Goes to Ed"

In the alley there is a terrible heat. Event is organized with the washer, but Ed, Edd n Eddy are not invited. Mad trying to get there at any price.

"Over Your Ed"

Ed Eddy spoils the whole business when he wants to get involved in selling lemonade. In addition, Ed smelled awful. Edd and Eddy decided to change his style.

"A pinch to grow an Ed"

Eddy is complex because of its low growth, because others tease him. Buddies decide to help him and create a remote-controlled shoes.

"Sir Ed-a-lot"

Edd and Eddy Ed see how playing with Sara - Sara is the queen, and Ed slave. With Eddy Sara did a clown. Played even a race horse.

"Dawn of the Eds"

Ed gang buddies looking after the bins of bottles and sell them to raise money for sweets. On the way to store notes Ed poster science fiction film which can not succeed because there is an adult. He tells colleagues about it and together they decide to play an action movie playing in the junkyard.


Eddy starts his own club under the influence of advertising. The purpose of the opening of the club are, of course, money. After great hardships Eddy opened the club and tries to recruit him, all the kids in the neighborhood. At the time the games have to go to the club, it appears that it took place no longer their "favorite" girls.

"Read all about Ed"

Edd is newsboys. Edd buddies decide to help him and make the machine delivering newspapers to raise money as quickly as possible. But by throwing the device Eddy bed breaks it.

"Quick shot Ed"

Eddy is in the attic of his old camera. Together with my friends gets an idea to make a calendar. But not so simple, and kids from the alley. Everything goes smoothly until the capture of their "favorite" girls.

"An Ed Too Many"

In Ed's garden, Eddy is a four limbs, and Edd unique species of flower. After the fun the kids go to the pizza. Edd way he meets Sara and hands her the flower found. She falls in love in him. Eddy is angry and throws a leg because it believes that it brought him bad luck. Limb is Johnny.


Neighborhood kids are playing hide and seek. Edy want to join them, but Kevin decided that they must hide. They agree, however, the kids quickly zaklepują. After a short time they come up with Edy how to quickly remedy. Took place zaklepywania (and there is a tree) with each other, so nobody can match up to him. Edd also invented a special glasses to quickly find the kids. They manage to catch all of them except Jimmy. Grabbed him at the last moment, before managed to hammer down. Jimmy had to hide. Edek come up with a great hiding place that Ed crashes. Our boys must now hide whenever possible.

"Look into my Eds"

Edd receives a book of psychology at the wheel of hypnosis. Eddy decides to hypnotize all the kids in the neighborhood.

"Tag yer Ed"

All the children laugh at Edd, he is weak physically. Buddies decide to help him and invited him to a duel ... wrestling with the Board.

"Fool on the Ed"

Eddy discovers that prowl around guy, nicknamed "King joker" who "terrorize" the whole neighborhood with their jokes and antics and jokes are the domain of Ed's gang. Eddy decides to find out something about the stranger wag.

"A boy and his Ed"

Ed, Edd n Eddy's buddies are trying to win Kevin's friendship to get a free plot favorite sweets. They try to be like him and imitate him in everything, even how to speak and dress. Even begin to serve him. Ultimately, it appears that Kevin caused the same damage.

"It's Way Ed"

Noting that fashion is changing the main characters decide to create a costume show with many features such as the choo-choo, and not to a pair of galoshes. After several attempts, however buddies abandon that idea. They give up, and the children of the alley a dress form.

"Laugh Ed Laugh"

All children have fallen ill in the lane. All Ed, Edd n Eddy beyond. Pals are devastated because they have someone to oppress and do not extort money from someone. Eddy starts to go crazy with boredom. Ed Edd and agree to help him. They manage it, but when the kids recover on Eddy is still locked in the shed, because Ed ate the key.

"A Glass Of Warm Ed"

Ed sleepwalking eats all the food from Edd's refrigerator. This occurs at the Eddy. The guys decide to stop Ed.

"Flea Bitten Ed"

Guys come up with a new idea and they assume the animal beauty. Suddenly he began to clone animals, and Ed got a rash and became inflated like a balloon. Buddies decide to cure him, but the rabbits continued to be cloned.

"Keeping Up With The Eds"

Lean dad asked him to kill a grass in the garden, I honestly do not suffer from Edd. Edy agree to help him in this. Mower has been entrusted to Ed, who broke the whole garden buddy. Eddy, however, found a way out of this situation. He brought with him a special fertilizer, after which the grass grew very quickly. Eddy'emu Then came the thought that this can spread the fertilizer over the entire area and residents cut lawns for money.


Ed Edd and Eddy are testing the carousel in the newly created their amusement park. Accidentally smash a window seat in the house Kevin carousel. Guys lie to a friend that did this unearthly creatures. The kids agree to the alley to find them.

"Oath To An Ed"

Ed, Edd n Eddy want to get up for training at the municipal guards. They get six attempts, but all fail this.

"Button Yer Ed"

Eddy got a nasty throat insect has damaged his vocal cords. Communicate with other bell ringing, which hang to his neck Slim. When Eddy uses a bell, but no one does not understand.

"Avast Ye Eds"

Eddy organized for kids from the neighborhood cruise on the river in the lane, the tub, which is constructed such with large tires. The trip could take part but only two people, but it was a lot of volunteers. Of course, the whole trip cost.