"Wish You Where Ed"

"Momma's Little Ed"

"Once Upon An Ed"

"For Your Ed Only"

"It Came From Outer Ed"

"3 Squares And An Ed"

"Duelling Eds"

"Dim-Lit Ed"

"Will Work For Ed"

"Ed, Ed, And Away"

"An Ed In The Bush"

"See No Ed"

"From Here To Ed"

"Boys Will Be Eds"

"Ed Or Tails"

"Is There An Ed In The House?"

"An Ed Is Born"

"Gimme Gimme Never Ed"

"My Fair Ed"

"Rock-A-Bye Ed"


"The Luck Of The Ed"

"Ed, Pass It On..."

"Brother, Can You Spare An Ed?"

"The Day The Ed Stood Still"