This dream has finally come a moment - decided to get married. The first few days this time of great joy, are calling to friends and family, boasting of the wonderful news, wonderful feeling when everyone is happy with you. Days run time and start preparing for the wedding, certainly a good idea to draw up a list-wedding hall, band, photographer, guest list, beauticians ... is this a bit, but chin up, you may want to try, anyone who is after the marriage is gone.

When choosing a photographer should be: first, what you see at the photographer's web site will probably be in her wedding pictures, sample page for the query "," it looks like this ... You talk to the photographer, you spend a lot of time with him, so you will see that corresponds to his way of showing you this will facilitate the subsequent photo session.

Another thing is what you get in the package - whether it is ready to exclusive photo album or just a photo on the CD. Personally, I recommend the photo album and yet it is of good quality has yet to withstand many years. Another argument in favor of the album-there are plenty that do a poor lab'ów photographs. Remember, professionals working with good labami, not worth saving the photos. A number of interesting offers can be found on the Internet. I wish you a successful election in the search.