Commonwealth Games diver belly-flops into pool to leave commentators wincing

Commonwealth Games diver Dulanjan Kaushalya Fernando left BBC commentators wincing after belly-flopping into the pool during the 1-metre springboard.

The Sri Lankan athlete completely mistimed a 2.5 somersault tuck and entered the pool horizontally in his final dive of the preliminary round. Scoring a pitiful one-point, Fernando's attempt was met with severe onomatopoeia from former GB athlete Leon Taylor in the commentary booth, who shouted "ooooooh" as he hit the water.

"Just showing us how difficult this dive is and how difficult diving is," said 2002 silver medalist Taylor amidst a small chuckle at Fernando's expense. "That's lucky it's on the one metre because he's winded."

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The judges' harsh scores for the 3.0 difficulty dive were met with boos from the crowd with Fernando not only claiming the hearts of the Birmingham faithful but adoring supporters online too.

"There is something I relate too… a cracking bellyflop that was," harked one comforting supporter. "Spectacular bellyflop must have stung," praised a second.

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"Ouch ouch OUCH!!!!" commented a sympathetic third. "I immediately call for “bellyflopping” to be recognised and integrated as a separate sport. This is precision," joked a fourth.

Whilst a fifth hailed Taylor's perfect commentary: "Absolutely worth watching this clip for the commentary & the horrified "oooooh" in stereo that lasts about 5 seconds alone."

Fernando finished with a total score of 188.15 as the last and 11th overall diver. However, the Sri Lankan is still able to compete in Friday morning's final as there are only 11 competitors in his category. Australian Shixin Li was the top diver in the qualifying rounds with a score of 388.70.


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