Northampton Saints proudly announce ‘most pointless sponsorship deal ever’

There are many pointless sponsorship deals in the sporting world, but now comes news of the probably the most useless ever.

Super premium gin makers Warner’s – official partner of Northampton Saints – have come up with the bright idea to sponsoring the highly-unlikely 0-0 score line throughout January with the Gallagher Premiership rugby union side.

While other sponsors demand high-scores in record time, fans have a chance to benefit from a score line in limbo.

Dan Biggar of Northampton Saints and Wales said: “Being the first sports side in the world sponsored for having a 0-0 score line is definitely unusual but supporting those going dry this January is something we can all get behind.

"As any rugby fan will tell you, there’s still plenty of drama and excitement in a big match in the lead up to any points being scored.

"As always, we’ll be trying to finish the match with a lot of points on the board, but while we do the hard work and tee up scoring opportunities, we hope our supporters enjoy Warner’s 0% offer while it lasts.”

The move comes to show support for the estimated 6.5 million Brits who are expected to have given up alcohol this January – but who may be need some extra motivation

The sponsorship will come to life in real-time on matchdays when the Saints are playing at home during the month, with the next Saint’s home game on the January 16.

Rugby fans, sober gin aficionados and us watching from home will have the chance to win a complimentary bottle of Warner’s 0% during the European fixture by heading over to @warnersgin Instagram profile and correctly guessing how long the score will remain at 0-0.

There will also be complimentary tastings of the 0% spirit from the Warner’s bar on the concourse at cinch Stadium at Franklin’s Gardens for those at the game who have held on to their sober pledge!

Warner’s will also be sponsoring 15 brave Saints fans who have decided to go dry this January by kitting them out with everything they could possibly need to make it a success.

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Tom Warner, founder of Warner’s gin, said: “We do things differently at Warner’s, whether it’s how we make our gin to how we do our sport sponsorships. Even at 0% our farm-born spirits, namely Juniper Double Dry and Pink Berry, are jam packed full of flavour, just as a 0-0 score line can still be jam packed full of action.

“Having a few drinks is part of the match day ritual for many rugby fans. For those who have decided to go dry this January it can be tough, especially when you go out socialising and the most exciting thing you can find to drink is a pint of squash! Our 0-0 partnership with Northampton Saints has been created to show that you can still have a real, great tasting grown-up drink, not break any new year’s resolutions and have fun with your mates, whatever the score. Cheers!”

Warner’s 0% Botanic Garden Spirits is available in two flavours – Juniper Double Dry and Pink Berry.

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