Pop icon Sean Paul says Trinidad cricket star Shiv Chanderpaul his inspiration

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    Pop legend Sean Paul has hailed West Indies cricket icon Shivnarine Chanderpaul as his inspiration. The Jamaican musician has released a catalogue of timeless classics over the years, including 2002 hit ‘Get Busy’.

    In the closing stages of a VICE YouTube video in which Paul explained the story behind the iconic song, he shared how the former batsman – who he mistakenly said was from Trinidad but is from Guyana – influenced his nickname ‘Sean da Paul’. The singer uses the name to reference himself in some of his songs and it sounds very similar to the cricketer's name.

    “There’s a famous cricketer in the Caribbean called Shivnarine Chanderpaul. Everyone was like ‘Sean da Paul’ and that name stuck,” the 2004 Grammy Award winner shared.

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    “Then I just started to say it in shows and met the dude Chanderpaul years later and he’s like ‘Yo!’ But yeah, big up to Shivnarine Chanderpaul.”

    This confirms a theory many people thought, including cricket commentator and West Indies enthusiast Santokie Nagulendran.

    He tweeted back in 2017: “Fact: I used to think that Sean Paul was shouting out Chanderpaul at the beginning of every song in a weird tribute to the Cricket player.” Earlier today, he posted another message in response to the tweet, with the clip of Paul explaining the Chanderpaul connection, to which he replied in surprise: “Omg.”

    Other stunned fans flocked to the comments as one wrote: “Mind blown. Actually blown,” while the follower posted: “YES! Knew it couldn't just be coincidence. Amazing.” Another user tweeted: “The reaction this is getting on several of the cricket whatsapp groups I'm in right now is hilarious. many minds are being blown/rewired.”

    While another person said: “NOOOO WAYYYY. F**k, I LEGIT used to think he sang it as 'Chanderpaul' too but I was like 'What is the connection between a rapper and some random cricketer' but whaaaattt.” Although he ended his illustrious cricket career back in 2015, the West Indies stalwart's legacy lives on in the form of his son Tagnerine, who recently made his international debut.

    He played in the two-match test series against Australia and played rather well, scoring 160 runs across both games at an average of 40, and scored a half century in his very first innings. He showcased the resilience and concentration at the crease that his father was known for, and many West Indians will hope he can replicate some of his father's success.

    Answering to the comparisons, the 26-year-old said: "I try and be myself. I can't be him, so I can only be myself. Fingers crossed… I'll try to get some runs if I'm selected." The 2004 ICC Champions Trophy winner is delighted to see his son make the step up and represent his nation and explained he had been on the cusp of making the international setup for some time.

    "He's been knocking at the door since before Covid… two-and-a-half years passed with no cricket behind, then he started to get some cricket back,” the elder Chanderpaul said.

    “He started the first-class season without many runs, then he came to Florida and did some work with me. When he got back, he got a couple of hundreds and now he's got selected to come here. Knowing the attack Australia has – these guys are relentless – if he can come here and do well, it will be a start to his career.


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