Tennis ace disqualified after going ballistic smashing racquet on umpire’s chair

Tennis star Mikael Ymer was disqualified at the Lyon Open after smashing a massive hole in the umpire's chair with his racquet.

The 24-year-old Swede completely lost his cool during his round-of-16 clash with home favourite Arthur Fils, 18, yesterday (May 24). The drama unfolded in a tightly-contested first set, with the score 5-5 at the time.

Ymer wasn't happy with a line call from the umpire, believing Fils had hit the ball out. He approached the chair and asked: "Why are you not even going to come down and check the mark?"

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He then referenced a similar incident in his opening match against another Frenchman in Richard Gasquet, who did have his request for the mark to be checked fulfilled.

The umpire still refused to climb down from his seat, with Ymer fuming: "Are you telling me you're not even going to come down and check the mark? You saw it clearly bounced on the line, so show me the mark on the line."

After further back and forth, he continued: "I've never witnessed that a ref says, 'I'm not going to go down and check the mark.' It doesn't happen."

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Fils went on to break Ymer's serve to move within a game of claiming the set, which sent his opponent into a fit of rage. The youngster twice hit his racquet hard into the side of the umpire's chair before chucking the remaining grip over his shoulder.

"He's going to be gone here," the commentator exclaimed, adding: "I think this is done. You can't do that. There's just no way this can carry on."

A tournament official spoke with the umpire before telling Ymer: "I would like to have a choice but you don't give me a choice, I'm sorry."

World No. 9 Taylor Fritz addressed the incident on Twitter, writing: "Not justifying the reaction at all but the amount of people that think a bad bounce = line hit is insane… crazy bounces happen all over the court and especially near lines."


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