Adult company offers Dillon Danis X-rated $100k job after Logan Paul humiliation

Dillon Danis has been offered a new career path after his boxing humiliation – a six-figure role with an X-rated platform.

The former MMA fighter, 30, stepped into the ring for the first – and probably last – time on Saturday (October 14) for his grudge bout against YouTuber Logan Paul. He was dominated in each of the six rounds before getting himself DQ'd for trying a guillotine choke hold, sparking a mass brawl.

Another very healthy payday could be on the horizon though, as adult subscription site My.Club want to take him back to his roots and make him their “head BJ(J) trainer”. The proposition comes with a $100,000 (£82k) pay packet.

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Vice president Mike Ford extended the invite in an opening later addressed to Danis – albeit reminding him of his unimpressive showing at the weekend in the process.

"You were humiliated by Logan Paul on Saturday in the ring. He thoroughly outboxed you and you had to resort to pulling a guillotine choke. Now that your fighting career is officially over, I’m sure you’re looking for new career ventures," said Ford.

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"I’d like to formally extend you an offer to serve as the 'Head BJ(J) Trainer' for My.Club, a leading platform for adult content creators. In your role, you will give BJJ tutorials to post to your profile via photo and video and provide fans with video call sessions teaching them Brazilian Jiu Jitsu basics.

"People can visit your profile to educate themselves on techniques like pull guard, close guard, scissor guard, full mount, and more. In return for serving as My.Club’s ‘Head BJ(J) Trainer’ for one full year, we will compensate you up to $100,000.

"Please take some time to consider my offer. I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience."

It seems Danis himself isn't content with giving up his fight career just yet, however. He's claimed he's going to appeal his disqualification on the grounds that members of Paul's team entered the ring during the contest.

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