Andrew Tate agrees with Neville for attacking government over nurses

Piers Morgan grills Andrew Tate over misogynistic comments

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Andrew Tate shares Gary Neville’s view that nurses are being treated unfairly as he launched an astonishing attack on a ‘failing’ UK society. Tate, banned from various social media platforms this year over alleged hate speech, was invited back onto Piers Morgan’s Uncensored show to discuss a series of issues including nurse strikes. 

Tens of thousands of nurses across England, Wales and Northern Ireland were striking on Tuesday amid a dispute with the UK government over pay and patient safety. Members of the Royal College of Nursing took strike action with low pay said to be leading to understaffing, therefore leaving patients at risk.

Football pundit Neville used his platform during the FIFA World Cup in Qatar to discuss poor pay for workers not only in the Gulf state but also back home in the UK.

And former light-heavyweight kickboxer Tate believes a lack of prudence in government spending is causing the lack of action in improving pay for nurses.

“It’s a failed society and it’s godless,” Tate told Piers Morgan Uncensored. “I think it’s disgusting. We leave our old people to rot in old people’s homes and then we sit there and say we don’t have enough money for nurses. I understand this nurse strike very well and if you walk into the hospital and the nurse is not prepared to work. 

“But nurses would be willing to work at the current wage if they believed this country was spending its money prudently. When you see this country spending its money and absolutely wasting it – pulling it out of thin air to fund proxy wars – god knows where that has nothing to do with them. 

“Of course as a nurse you’re going to stand up and say ‘can I get a pay rise! This country has failed in every metric.”

Tate’s assertion that nurses are not being valued by the government was a view shared by Neville, who believes that workers are being ‘demonised’ over their decision to take strike action.

“It’s abhorrent and we should detest low pay, detest low pay and poor working conditions and that is something we can never accept in this region or in any region,” Neville told ITV before the World Cup final.

“It is just worth mentioning that in our country, there is a country that is demonising rail workers, ambulance workers and, terrifyingly, nurses.” He added: “We can’t have people being paid a pittance to work, we can’t have people in accommodation which is unsavoury and disgusting, we can’t have that.

“It shouldn’t happen with the wealth that exists [in Qatar] and it shouldn’t happen in our country that our nurses are having to fight for an extra pound or two pounds.”


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