Becky Lynch ‘looking forward to punching Charlotte Flair in the face’ at WWE Survivor Series

Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair ahead of their title exchange on WWE SmackDown

Becky Lynch has revealed she is “looking forward” to punching Charlotte Flair in the face during their match at Survivor Series later this month.

The two WWE Superstars are said to have real-life “heat” with one another after a tense segment on SmackDown in October, where they swapped title belts after switching brands.

During the exchange, the RAW Women’s title was dropped on the floor and moments later, Lynch threw the SmackDown title at Flair, leading to a “legitimate” confrontation backstage.

Ahead of their match at Survivor Series on 21 November, Lynch told the Independent that she is not looking forward to meeting Charlotte in the ring once again.

“Am I looking forward to [the match]? No, no no. I’m looking forward to beating her and not having to see her again for another year, that would be great,” the RAW star said of her rival.


“But I’m not looking forward to this match as much as I’m looking forward to beating her. Sure, maybe I’m looking forward to punching her in the face. She’s got a very punchable face.”

While discussing the upcoming dual-brand pay-per-view, Lynch also recalled the infamous night in the build-up to Survivor Series 2018 when she suffered a concussion and a broken nose leading the SmackDown invasion of RAW.

“The Man” noted how the iconic image of blood running down her face really helped “cement” her in WWE history.

“The rocket was taking off since Money in the Bank that year. We think of history through photographs and it gave that iconic image to match the character, the persona,” Lynch explained.

“That just cements you a little bit in history – those images you remember. Having that moment for myself was pretty freaking cool even if I didn’t know what the hell was going on.”

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