Boob-flashing boxer flaunts Halloween outfit that fans ‘can’t stop watching’

Daniella Hemsley left fans stunned as she showed off her skimpy Halloween costume early on social media.

Hemsley celebrated a Kingpin boxing victory back in July over fellow content creator Aleksandra Daniel by raising her bra above her head and flashing her boobs live on stream. She was subsequently banned from the company despite her claim she had permission from them for the X-rated trick.

But it’s treats she’s dishing out on social media instead ahead of Halloween as she posed in her skimpy Harley Quinn costume in advance of spooky season. Hemsley posted to her 273.9k followers on TikTok two videos of her showing off her long legs in fishnets as she donned her Harley Quinn costume.

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Hemsley uploaded the video with the captions: “Harley loves Halloween,” and one fan was clearly a fan of the outfit, commenting: “I can’t stop watching.” Hemsley’s presence on social media has only continued to grow since her flashing antics, with her Instagram page currently on 190,000 followers.

Despite her absence from the ring, she’s continued to train in the hope of landing another fight in the coming months. Although she’s yet to be handed a way back into the influencer boxing scene.

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Hemsley reflected on her wild celebration that has seen her yet to return to the ring, she said: "I wanted to get them viral moments, that's what it's all about, right? I didn't think it would blow up the way that it did and I'm always going to get positive and negative comments.

"Actually, with what I did flashing my boobs and stuff I got way more positive comments than negative. My whole YouTube boxing journey so far has been negative and I think I have gained a lot of respect and a lot of new fans not necessarily from just winning my fight but also expressing myself and not being afraid to show who I am either."

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