Concussed Chris Eubank Jr ‘tried to punch’ Liam Smith after being knocked out

Chris Eubank Jr was so concussed after losing to Liam Smith he appeared to try to punch his opponent after the fight was over.

Smith floored Eubank Jr twice in the fourth round before the referee ended the bout. And as Smith celebrated his win in the middleweight division, a dazed Eubank stumbled over to the victor seemingly ready to square up for another brawl.

Eubank Jr's wobbly approach prompted Smith to warily go into defensive mode to thwart an attack, before the ref swiftly waded in between the competitors to prevent any more blows being thrown. Smith then continued to revel in his win with his loved ones who had swarmed the ring.

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The power of Smith's punches were evident on Eubank Jr's face which had a massive golf-ball-sized lump under his right eye after being knocked out. Victory for Smith was extra sweet after Eubank Jr insisted he was going to 'cook' his rival ahead of the fight. He wrote in a bizarre social media post: "Liam, you're just another piece of meat for me to sautee.

"I told you already, I'm gonna sautee you on the night just like I'm gonna sautee this steak right now," as he slapped the meat on his kitchen counter.

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However, Eubank Jr was gracious in defeat despite his earlier bravado and congratulated Smith for his win whilst teasing a rematch between the pair.

He wrote on Twitter: "Congratulations to Liam tonight, nice lil shot you caught me with there my boy. Felt like I could of kept going but referee is in charge & I respect his decision. We’ll get it on again soon #EubankSmith."

Although Eubank Jr may want to put aside a rematch with Smith to fight his other foe Conor Benn who made a bold claim after watching the match. Benn was adamant that he would've defeated Eubank Jr in half the amount of time that Smith did as he trolled his bitter rival alongside his dad Nigel.


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