Conor McGregor’s 6 possible opponents for new project amid retirement talk

Conor McGregor will be carefully considering his future after Dustin Poirier’s victory at UFC 257.

The Irishman, who had his eyes on another shot at the Lightweight Championship, might now throw his weight behind a crossover bout against Manny Pacquiao in a bid to revive his professional career.

However, McGregor does still have plenty of options within the UFC, including potential trilogy bouts against two of his former opponents.

Daily Star Sport have taken a look at six different rivals that the 32-year-old could choose to pursue, each with their own draws both financially and professionally.

Dustin Poirier trilogy fight

Should Poirier not be able to take on retired Lightweight Champion Khabib Nurmagomedov next, he would be keen to seal a trilogy with his latest opponent.

As he mentioned in the octagon this weekend, the pair have now won one fight each, which gives Dana White all the more reason to sanction a third and final meeting.

Khabib Nurmagomedov rematch

Khabib’s tweet regarding McGregor’s defeat on Sunday shows that there is still some bad blood between the pair following their 2018 meeting at UFC 229.

However, UFC boss White stated after the fight that Khabib was left disappointed in the quality, and that a comeback now looks disappointing.

Nate Diaz trilogy fight

Nate Diaz was trending this weekend as supporters wonder over the next step for McGregor with more fights remaining on his UFC contract.

The American will be looking for a fresh challenge after losing to Jorge Masvidal in 2019, and might be interested in trying to win the trilogy against McGregor.

Manny Pacquiao crossover bout

McGregor was open about his talks with Manny Pacquiao before his fight against Poirier, and pointed out that they both fight with a southpaw stance.

The bout, which is sure to post huge PPV numbers, could be of interest to White after he co-produced the Irishman’s test against Floyd Mayweather back in 2017.

Jake Paul exhibition

McGregor was forced to address the constant taunting from Jake Paul this week as the YouTuber looks to further his fighting legacy after two professional wins.

With Mayweather set to take on Logan Paul at some point this year, McGregor could see the meeting as a quick money maker before heading back to UFC.

Floyd Mayweather rematch

Mayweather was another huge name to address McGregor’s defeat, and his comments also suggest that their history might continue over the coming years.

Although it might not be his next bout, it is fairly likely that McGregor will call out Mayweather should he face and beat the American’s rival Pacquiao.

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