Daniel Cormier threatens to "torture" Jake Paul after confrontation at UFC 261

Daniel Cormier has called on Jake Paul to fight him in the cage following their confrontation last weekend.

Former UFC heavyweight world champion Cormier had called out Paul following his win over Ben Askren earlier this month.

The pair then came face-to-face in Florida at UFC 261 on Saturday before welterweight champion Kamaru Usman defended his title against Jorge Masvidal.

And Cormier has now said he is willing to fight Paul – but only in the cage.

"I don't want to fight anyone," he told ESPN . "But I'm not going to let Jake Paul disrespect me.

"I wanted to grab him by the face and smash him into the ground but you can't do that at work, I would have gotten into a lot of trouble.

"This is not going to be fun. At 42 years old and with a bad back, I'm going to torture him. I'm going to hurt him. I don't want to box him, I don't want to fight in a limited skill set of rules; if you really want to fight me, fight me in a mixed martial arts competition.

"My name will not be used as a springboard. I love my legacy and I will protect my legacy and if protecting my legacy means I've got to slap this kid upside his head, that's what I'll do.

"I'll fight him at 205lb. I'm fat, I'm happy but I'll go all the way down to 205lb to fight him in mixed martial arts."

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Paul has been called out by several MMA fighters following his win over Askren.

But Tyson Fury's brother Tommy is among the favourites to take on the YouTube star later this year.

Fury has fought just five times as a professional and said this week: "If he sent the contract over tonight, it'd be signed and delivered straight back to him.

"All I see for that fight is easy money against an idiot. I'd put my mother in with Ben Askren and my mother would chin him."

Fury's comments came after Paul confirmed talks had begun between the two teams.

"I think it'd be a massive fight," Paul told ESPN . "He's fought scrubs to make himself look good.

"People will say the same about me, but I've fought guys with winning records like Ben Askren and AnEsonGib.

"Our teams are talking and trying to figure something out."

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