David Haye backs Logan Paul as "good for boxing" but rules out exhibition return

British boxing legend David Haye insists Logan Paul's attempt to crack the world of boxing is "good" for the sport – but ruled out ever making a return for an exhibition himself.

Paul will face boxing great Floyd Mayweather on Sunday US-time after losing to fellow YouTube star KSI in November, 2019.

The bout has been criticised in some quarters for undermining the sport, but Haye insists it is positive.

Haye told Daily Star Sport: "I disagree with a lot of people I think it's great, when KSI fought Logan Paul I realised how many non-boxing fans paid for a boxing event and as a result of that lots of people watched the undercard. Who was on the undercard?

"Billy Joe Saunders. Saunders fought the number one fighter in the world, Canelo Alvarez, and how many people tuned into this event as a result of seeing him on the undercard of KSI? So it grows boxing.

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"And anyone who doesn't like it, you can realise it brings fans to boxing, it's not taking anything away from boxing it's actually adding to it, that's how I see it. Bringing in these guys who have got mega fan bases into the sport of boxing.

"Would we rather they go and play darts? How does that help boxing? Guarantee if Logan Paul went and played darts, darts would go through the roof.

"We're just lucky enough to have a sport that's really exciting, people are interested in it and people just want to see celebrities who may not be boxers or even athletes fighting each other.

"I think it's quite funny, I like watching it, okay let's see what this YouTube sensation can do."

But asked if Haye would consider coming out of retirement to face a YouTube star, he replied: "To fight a YouTuber? No.

"He has advisors, he has a team of people, smart team around him, BJ Flores for instance. I've known him for for years, he understands about match making and taking people the right way."

The fight will take place in the early hours of Sunday UK time, and will be shown on Sky Sports Box Office.

Haye hung up his gloves in 2018, and treated British fight fans to some of the most exciting fights of his generation.

He was known for his spectacular knockout power, and a nickname of the "Haymaker" subsequently followed.

Last year, he launched the Black Mask Company, supplying durable and comfortable masks from Vietnam to the UK with Formula One supremo Lewis Hamilton among fans.

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