Deontay Wilder branded ‘narcissistic’ over Tyson Fury cheat allegations ahead of fight

Fury vs Wilder: Who will win?

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Former heavyweight boxer David Price has laid into Deontay Wilder for the American’s cheating allegations against his upcoming opponent Tyson Fury, who he takes on for a third time this weekend.

Wilder heads into his third bout against Fury without a win against the Gypsy King, after a controversial split draw decision settled their first fight, before the Englishman prevailed in their second meeting courtesy of a technical knockout in round seven.

Following his loss in February 2020, the American was quick to accuse his heavyweight counterpart of cheating in securing his win after he claimed Fury had tampered with his gloves, and fought with his fists in an ‘improper position’.

Later, Wilder’s outlandish claims continued as he then claimed that Fury had an ‘egg-weight sized object’ inside his gloves to give him an unfair advantage in Nevada.

Unsurprisingly the Bronze Bomber’s cheat jibes have continued in the build-up to fight three as he said this week: “You think he ain’t gonna try to cheat this time? Oh they’re thinking, they’re coming up with a master plan. 

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“My thing to him – man, you couldn’t even get me out on loaded gloves and the conditions I was under. You couldn’t knock me out, you didn’t knock me out.”

As a result, fellow heavyweight Price has criticised Wilder for his accusations, describing him as ‘narcissistic’.

He said: “I don’t think it’s an act because he’s been doing it since the second fight. It’s gone on too long to be an act. He really believes in himself. Sometimes people lie to themselves so much they end up believing it.

“It’s a bit of confirmation bias where you tell yourself things to make you believe it. That’s where he’s at. Instead of admitting to his mistakes and shortcomings, and trying to improve on what went wrong, he’s not wrong. It’s a bit narcissistic to think like that.”

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Price was not the only big boxing name to criticise Wilder’s pre-fight talk, as another heavyweight in Dillian Whyte weighed in with his thoughts on the jibes.

Whyte – who is hoping to be the next in line to compete for the WBC title said: “It’s a really interesting one this time because we don’t know where Wilder’s at or Fury’s at.

“You’ve give the edge to Fury, but a lot of things have happened in the middle, like personal things. Wilder, we don’t know if he’s recovered at all because he went on this crazy run of blaming stuff. He was acting crazy.

“We don’t know where they’re at fully. The smart money would pick Fury to win again, but something inside of me is saying Wilder might spring a surprise on us.”

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As well as agreeing on the idea that Wilder’s comments were distasteful, Price also shared a similar opinion as to how the fight will play out.

Price said: “Wilder has got the power to knock Fury out. That’s always going to be there. But Fury is not the type of fighter who will make the same mistake twice. His tactics in the second fight were perfect. He fought fire with fire.

“I think Fury is coming to his prime, he’s going to be at his peak, so I think similar tactics to last time.

“He’s just gotta look out for that right hand, with someone who has reflexes like Fury, as long as he stays switched on, he can win the fight hands down again.”

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