Ebanie Bridges’ latex ‘hot AF’ costume in ‘Black Cat’ drawing has fans drooling

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    An artist has left fans drooling with his picture of boxing star Ebanie Bridges dressed in a 'Black Cat' latex costume fit with a mask.

    Fans have been quick to state that the 'Black Cat' is now their favourite superhero and that the Australian looked 'hot AF' in the costume. The picture was created by Danny Garcia of DLG Image Creations who creates custom images on request and often creates images of powerful women boxers.

    However, picturing the unique Blonde Bomber the artist went for a different style of picture capturing the blonde bombshell as a superhero to the delight of fans.

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    Black Cat is a character in the Marvel Comics and has been a love interest, but also at other times enemy, of Spider-Man. One fan commented on the picture: "I’ve never wanted to be Spider-Man so much in my life." While another fan felt that Bridges has the perfect look for the super hero. They added: "Catwoman puuuuuuuurrrrrfect."

    However, other fans feel that Bridges would have been more suited to the look of fellow comic book character Harley Quinn who is the lover of The Joker. "I’m sorry but to me U always looked like Harley Quinn, u have the face and look," added another fan.

    IBF bantamweight world champion Bridges has become renowned for stripping down to her raunchy lingerie for weigh-ins and wowing fans with her stunning looks.

    Fans asked if Bridges would instead wear a Cat Woman leather outfit to keep her rivals talking, with Bridges replying to state the outfit contained "too much clothes" for her skimpy weigh-in dresswear.

    Another fan wants a lasting memory of the artwork. They added: "I am going to get that picture tattooed on me."

    The Blonde Bomber returns to the ring on December 10 when she will defend her world title against fellow Australian Shannon O'Connell in her adopted fighting home Leeds.

    O'Connell, aged 39, has accused her fellow Australian of damaging the reputation of women's boxing by posing in lingerie during weigh-ins.

    Bridges, who has over 551,000 followers on Instagram, hit back and stated that she was helping to promote women's boxing. Bridges added: "You can say I’ve disrespected the sport but, because of me, you’re here and you’re going to make good money and get people to actually know who you are."


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