Female boxing champions separated by security in fiery clash before title fight

Mikaela Mayer and Alycia Baumgardner had to be pulled apart by security as tensions spilled over ahead of their world title fight.

The pair will come face-to-face this weekend at London's O2 in a world title unification showdown, with their rivalry having heated up in recent months.

Ahead of the bout, they took part in Sky Sports' Face-Off show when WBC champion Baumgardner claimed she didn't enjoy the "income" and "resources" that were available to her rival.

But Mayer, who holds the WBO and IBF belts, snapped back as she rose to her feet, insisting: "I am sick of that narrative. I paid my way."

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Baumgardner, 28, then confronted her rival as the pair exchanged verbals before security were forced to intervene before things turned physical.

The American is the underdog going into the fight and believes she can stun Mayer, who remains undefeated going into the fight.

Mayer added: "She seems very emotional, she seems to hate me a lot, probably because she's been wanting to fight me for a long time because I've always been the No 1 girl of this division in the amateurs and now in the pros.

"But for me it's all about going undisputed like I plan to, when I set out to do something I do it and I have been going after every single champion.

I still feel very confident regardless of her power or not because I feel like I'm the more skilled fighter and I can fight in all areas of the ring.

"Once that power doesn't work for her and she can't hurt me the way she thinks she can, she's not going to have a Plan B. I'm ready to go."


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