Fury labels Wilder 'WEAK' during furious press conference row

Tyson Fury labels Deontay Wilder ‘WEAK’ and says his allegations of cheating to win their second fight is a ‘conspiracy’ as heavyweight duo launch into foul-mouthed row during Las Vegas press conference

  • Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder held a press conference for their trilogy contest
  • Tempers flared between the two fighters as Wilder stuck to his accusations
  • The American claims Fury cheated to take the WBC belt in their second bout
  • Fury labelled Wilder a ‘dosser’ and an ‘insecure piece of s**t’ when on a rant 

Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder refused the traditional stare down as they came face to face for the first time since the Gypsy King knocked out the Bronze Bomber in their first rematch.

The press conference prior to Saturday’s trilogy fight descended into chaos as Fury let rip wIth a foul mouthed attempt to provoke the American from who he ripped the WBC world heavyweight title. 

Wilder refused to retract his allegations of Fury cheating to win their second fight.

Tyson Fury (left) and Deontay Wilder (right) saw their press conference descend into chaos

WBC champion Fury was his usual self on stage but he soon took aim at his American rival

Wilder refused to back down from his allegations that Fury cheated to win their second fight

Of the accusations including glove trickery, Wilder said: ‘I have no regrets at all. I believe everything because I’ve been given proof.’ 

Fury retorted: ‘I don’t care. Because obviously it’s come from an unwell person. It tells me he is weak mentally. 

‘He is a weak person who I am going to knock spark out on Saturday night. He is even copying me, he’s got no T-shirt on today. 

‘I am famous for wearing no shirts in press conference – I know I am an inspiring person, but you are supposed to be the Bronze Bomber, do your own thing.’

On the cheating accusations, Fury added: ‘People might have believed one of his excuses but not 50 in some conspiracy.’

Then he shouted at Wilder: ‘I hope you’ve got your excuse book ready for when I knock you out again you big dosser’.

Fury described Wilder as ‘weak’ and said he was peddling a ‘conspiracy’ in cheating claims

The row continued to escalate with moderator Kate Abdo left in the unenviable position of being sat between the two fighters. 

‘If I have done all this cheating, then why has he not done any extra steps to stop me cheating again?’ Fury continued.

‘What have you done… I had knuckle dusters, turbo jets on my feet, you are in denial and you are going to get knocked out, do yourself a favour and retire, your legacy is in bits.

‘All the excuses and no one believes you, they are all laughing at you. A million excuses.’  

What really irked a suited up Fury was the accusations that he had tampered with his gloves ahead of their second bout, something he flatly rebuffed as nonsense.

‘I knocked you out dosser,’ he said. ‘Jay Deas [in Wilder’s corner] was he in on it too? He was in the room when I put the gloves on! 

Wilder was dressed in a red tracksuit and earphones but the pair soon exchanged verbal jibes

Fury is looking to defend his WBC heavyweight belt on Saturday night in their trilogy contest

‘I don’t need to defend titles, that’s for dossers like you.

‘You have come dressed like a tramp, dressed like me on a training day. You will only be remembered for getting knocked out by me.

‘You are a loser and are being trained by a loser, so that makes two losers.’

Wilder came out in red tracksuit and earphones. Fury kept him waiting before emerging in one of his trademark multi coloured suits with no shirt and refused to take his seat.

He said: ‘I’m the only undefeated world heavyweight champion standing on this stage.’ 

Wilder warned him: ‘Get ready for war and blood.’

Then they parted without going eyeball to eyeball. Roll on Saturday night. 

The Brit was most irritated by allegations that he had tampered with his gloves in fight two

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