Fury slams 'circus act' Paul with Tyson AND John to be in his corner

Tommy Fury says Jake Paul is a ‘circus act’ even behind the scenes and insists the American is ‘intimidated’ as he plans to have dad John AND brother Tyson in his corner in Saudi Arabia

  • Tommy Fury and Jake Paul go head-to-head in Saudi Arabia on February 26 
  • Fury plans to have both father John and brother Tyson in his corner for the fight 
  • The Briton has revealed Paul is like a ‘circus act’ even behind the scenes

Jake Paul certainly knows how to play the villain in front of the cameras but, according to Tommy Fury, ‘The Problem Child’ is just as problematic behind the scenes.  

The American has been particularly vocal both during negotiations and since the February 26 bout was officially announced, having routinely used Twitter as a platform to negotiate – and even to leak the news that Fury’s partner Molly-Mae Hague had given birth to their baby daughter, Bambi. 

Paul’s social media antics have been a prominent feature throughout his time in professional boxing, having issued numerous bets and ultimatums to previous opponents Tyron Woodley and Ben Askren, while negotiations to fight YouTube KSI have largely taken place online. 

Paul and Fury have spent many months locked in negotiations – both online and behind the scenes – having twice before been scheduled to fight, first in December 2021 and then in August last year. 

Yet, despite Fury being forced to withdraw on both prior occasions, the Briton insists it’s Paul who is a nightmare to work with behind closed doors. 

Tommy Fury (right) has slammed ‘circus act’ Jake Paul (left) ahead of their February 26 fight

‘The Problem Child’ is 6-0 as a professional boxer but has largely fought MMA fighters to date

‘Jake Paul, he is what he is – he’s a circus act,’ Fury told Sportsmail, when asked what it has been like to work with the American behind the scenes. 

‘His whole persona, the way he deals with things, the way he tries to negotiate is all a circus act, to be honest.

‘I’m glad we got everything over the line. I’ve got a great team behind me – I believe more of a professional team – and I believe that’s why we got it over the line.’

For Fury, the fight now can’t come any sooner. The Briton is once again at home with his partner and newly-born daughter, having briefly left to focus on his training, and will fly out to Saudi Arabia on Thursday ahead of what will no doubt be an eventful fight-week.  

Coming with him, Fury confirmed to Sportsmail, will be both his primary trainer – and father – John, alongside his brother Tyson. Both family members, Fury says, will be in his corner on the night of the fight.

It’s a daunting prospect for Paul, who will be fighting a professional boxer for the first time. And Fury (8-0) insists his opponent is already feeling the pressure.  

‘I think Jake’s already intimidated,’ he said. ‘Every bit of news I see on him, he’s very white, he’s very pale in the face, he looks like he’s been struggling for sleep. 

‘He doesn’t look confident to me. I’ve been in this game a long time, my whole family have, and we know the signs when we see them. I’ll leave Jake to have the sleepless nights.’

Paul (left) clashed with John Fury (right) during Tommy’s exhibition bout in Dubai in November 

Tyson Fury (left) and his father John are both set to be in Tommy’s corner for the fight

And Fury believes Paul is already feeling the pressure as he takes on his first professional boxer

Fury, who says he is not weighed down by any pressure, having watched on and taken notes while his brother beat the likes of Wladimir Klitschko and Deontay Wilder, insists there is no chance Paul can emerge victorious. 

‘This fight will not go to points,’ he said. ‘There’s no way Jake Paul will hear the final bell. It could be done in one round. Whenever I connect cleanly, whether it’s to body or head, he will go, and he won’t recover. I’m very confident of that. 

‘One shot is all it will take, and all it ever takes, especially with the likes of this guy, who’s never been hit right in his career. Jake Paul’s never been hit, so what happens when he sees a blue flash? When his legs go heavy? 

‘You can only get used to those pressure situations through being in them. At the end of the day, he’s a guy who has no idea what’s coming to him.’

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