Incredible knockout from Estrada with seven punches in seven seconds

Seven-second savagery! Incredible knockout from Seniesa Estrada leaves opponent Miranda Adkins out cold on the canvas after seven brutal quick-fire punches

  • Seniesa Estrada pulled off an incredible seven second KO on Miranda Adkins
  • The American quickly stepped out of corner and executed three punch combo 
  • After rattling Adkins, Estrada unleashed four more powerful quick-fire strikes 
  • Defeated Adkins was left out cold on the canvas in incredible knockout footage 

Not many boxers can claim they knocked out an opponent with seven punches inside seven seconds, however Seniesa Estrada became one of those few after a devastating first round against Miranda Adkins. 

Entering the ring with a perfect 18-0 record, Estrada took no time at all getting the job done against 42-year-old Adkins. 

The American quickly stepped out of her corner on the bell and took a dominant stance towards her opponent before unleashing a three punch combo that rocked Adkins.

Seniesa Estrada (right) pulled off a brutal seven-second knockout on opponent Miranda Adkins

Estrada executed a three-punch and four-punch combo to leave Adkins out cold on the canvas

Estrada then unleashed four more quick-fire punches as Adkins failed to put up a guard and crashed to the canvas. 

After taking the barrage of punches from Estrada, Adkins laid out cold as one commentator blared: ‘It was lamb versus lion, it is over in one of the quickest knockouts in women’s boxing history.’

Boxing journalist Dan Rafael quickly took to Twitter after the knockout as he wrote: ‘I’ve seen mismatches but that women’s fight was literally as bad as it gets. Estrada just brutally whacked out that poor woman in 7 seconds.’ 

Estrada, who is currently the interim WBA flyweight champion and WBC silver junior flyweight champion, wants to keep her perfect record and make history as one of the greatest female fighters ever.

Estrada, interim WBA flyweight champion, wants to become one of the greatest ever fighters

After her seven-second savagery, she told DAZN: ‘I want world titles at 105, 108 and 112 pounds.

‘I’m just a fight or two away from being in that conversation as one of the best pound-for-pound women in the sport. 

‘I just need to keep winning and getting world titles. World title fights are the only thing on my mind. I don’t want any fights unless they are for a championship.’

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