Jake Paul challenged by Claressa Shields to $100,000 sparring session

Claressa Shields has issued a winner-takes-all sparring challenge to Jake Paul – with the winner receiving $100,000.

The pair are embroiled in a war of words, as Shields claimed she would 'embarrass' the YouTuber by knocking him out with one hand.

Now the boxer has taken to Twitter to lay the gauntlet down to Paul and find out who the superior athlete is.

“I got $100,000 of my own money I'll put up that Jake Paul can't beat me in sparring! That's on me!" she wrote.

“Let alone a fight! @JLeonLove tell ya mans I said what's up! I fight December 11th, he fight the 18th after that we can spar 6 rounds! Best 4 out of 6 rounds! If it last all 6.”

Her comments came after she stated it would be “disrespectful” to perform on the undercard for Paul’s fight with Tyron Woodley in August.

When speaking to Sky Sports about Paul in October, she said confidently: “I don't know what world people live in that they think a man [could beat me] who has not been to the Olympics, who has not fought professionally.

“There are a lot of women in boxing who could [out-box] men, especially a regular joe like Jake Paul!

“I know it's too much to fight him because it would be too embarrassing [for him], but if I were to spar Jake, I could use one hand.”

She continued: “Just my jab, I wouldn't even have to use the banger. Just my jab – I would out-jab, out-hook and out-uppercut him. I would embarrass him.

“This isn't a shot at Jake Paul. This is how skilled I am. You're not as great a boxer as me. If you are? Go to the Olympics and [win a] medal! Go!

“Because I sparred those guys too who are Olympic silver and gold medallists. Jake couldn't grace the ring with those guys because they would destroy him, just like I would.

“This isn't disrespectful. I am a skilled boxer – respect it and know it. Just because I'm a woman? This is real-life stuff. I box for real. I'm not a play-fighter.”

Following Shields’ first professional MMA loss in October, Paul issued some harsh words of his own, aimed at Shields.

“The truth hurts but it's necessary. Clarissa Shields is a loser. In MMA, and even more so with her prima donna attitude. The fake always get exposed. Losses come when anger and hate take over,” Paul’s statement read.

“Just ask Rousey and McGregor. She spent more time berating Jake Paul than learning Jiu Jitsu. She's never been a big draw and unfortunately for her she will never be.

“Amanda Serrano (the GWOAT) though, has 30 KOs in 42 fights. 2-0 in MMA, both wins by submissions. Congrats Abigail Montes on the win.”

Before any potential sparring session with Shields, Paul’s is completely focused on his long-awaited and highly-anticipated fight with Tommy Fury, emanating from Tampa, Florida on December 18.

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