Jake Paul explains motivation behind attempt to increase fighters pay

Jake Paul has explained why fighters need to speak about UFC fighter pay for the situation to change.

Paul will face a big step up in competition for his fourth boxing fight as he faces former UFC welterweight champion Woodley this Sunday. The fight will be Woodley's first since parting ways with the UFC in April.

The internet star turned pugilist Paul has recently slammed UFC president Dana White over issues regarding fighter pay. Paul even donated $5,000 to a fighter's GoFundMe after she struggling to fund her recent training camp.

Whilst he hopes to leave an "everlasting impact" on the sport of boxing, Paul has also explained why he wants to help fix the problem of UFC fighter pay.

He told Showtime Sports : "I want to help fix that problem. I think we need to attack it in multiple ways. First, we need the sports to become more popular. More fans, more audience which will naturally put more revenue across the board. I think also voicing it.

"A lot of young fighters get sucked into long fight contracts by promoters and then they become a star and the promoters take all their money. Or in the case of the UFC, it's really a monopoly where Dana White controls all these guys careers.

"He can make whatever fights happen, pay whoever he wants or pay them nothing."

Some of the UFC's biggest stars such as heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou, pound-for-pound No.1 Jon Jones and 'BMF' champion Jorge Masvidal has spoken out about fighter pay this year.

Unlike most major sports leagues such as the NBA and NFL who pay their athletes 50% of total revenue, the UFC pays its fighter around 18%. Paul criticised this revenue split and said fighters have to cover health and travel expenses on top of this.

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He continued: "It's just very unfair. What's crazy about is the fighters only gets paid 10% of the total money that's earned.

"Whereas in the NBA and NFL it's 50% and meanwhile you have Dana White going on Twitter talking about how he's spent $7 million on a blackjack hand and lost it.

"Meanwhile, his fighters are starting GoFundMe pages. And not only that, if you're in the NBA and NFL you have team facilities and coaches.


"You get help with recovery and flown places. All of that is covered, but as a fighter you have to cover all your own expenses."

Meanwhile on his fight with Woodley, 'The Problem Child' predicts that his opponent won't even make out of the first round. Paul has targeted fights the likes of Canelo Alvarez and UFC champ Kamaru Usman after his fight with Woodley.

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