Jake Paul responds to Tommy Fury after agreeing to Tyron Woodley rematch on one condition

Jake Paul mocks Conor McGregor after Irishman quits v Poirier

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Jake Paul has insisted he will take some time out despite a callout from Tommy Fury but admitted he will take on Tyron Woodley again if he gets “I love Jake” tattooed on him. It comes after the YouTube star beat the former UFC welterweight champion via split decision in Ohio.

Paul dampened talk of an immediate clash against Fury after admitting he could take a break from boxing.

It follows his split decision win over Woodley, though the pair agreed to a rematch under one bizarre condition.

The YouTube star made it 4-0 following his victory over the former UFC welterweight champion but it was not as easy as it had been before.

Woodley gave Paul his rockiest moment in the ring to date after a big hook in the fourth left his opponent on the ropes but the 39-year-old failed to follow up.

However, he recomposed and went on to put on a fine display to prevent his countryman from landing any further serious punches.

It saw Paul leave his hometown Ohio with scores of 77-75, 75-77 and 78-74.

Earlier in the night, Fury had called out his rival following his unconvincing win over Anthony Taylor in the night, saying: “It wasn’t my best performance. But I’m getting better, I’m trying my best.

“Looking at that, Jake should have an easy night, there are no excuses, I want you next you bum, let’s get it on.”

But Paul responded by hinting at a potential break from the sport following his three-year journey by saying: “Honestly, we’ll see. I’ve been boxing for 18 months now. I haven’t been to the dentist, I barely got my hair cut in the last two years.

“My teeth are crooked, my nose is crooked. I’ve dedicated the last 18 months to this.

“I haven’t stopped, I think I might need to chill out for a second and figure out who I am.

“I’m only 24, I’m changing, I’m growing, I’m learning a lot. I’m going through ups and downs and I’m making mistakes.”

However, shortly after, Woodley was furious with the result and insisted he should have won which led to Paul demanding that the ex-UFC star get ‘I love Jake’ tattooed on his leg.

He said: “I feel like if that was the second biggest pay-per-view, then round two is gonna be bigger than that.

“I feel like I won the fight. I feel like Jake’s a great opponent.

“Off the top, I want the rematch. Nobody is gonna sell the pay-per-view like we did. The Fury fight [ain’t gonna do that]. I felt like I won the fight.”

The 4-0 fighter said: “If you get the tattoo, ‘I love Jake Paul’, let’s run it back,”

Woodley replied: “Bet. Let’s go.”

Paul added: “Get the tattoo and we’ll run it back. We got the tattoo artist right here, so you ain’t going nowhere.

“Wipe the sweat off and shave that leg, because I’m putting I love Jake Paul on your leg and we can run it back.”

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