John Fury breaks down exactly how Hearn has cost Joshua £100m

John Fury breaks down exactly how Eddie Hearn has cost Anthony Joshua £100m in recent years with the greatest payday of all – against his son Tyson – slipping away from Matchroom as talks come to a halt

  • War of words has escalated in wake of contract being offered for Cardiff bout
  • John Fury claimed Eddie Hearn has cost his fighter over £100 through missteps
  • Eddie Hearn brushed away the claims from Fury that he had lost Joshua money

John Fury has hit back at the ‘brains of Britain’ Eddie Hearn after the Matchroom chief refuted his claims that he had denied Anthony Joshua over £100m through a series of missteps. 

Following the breakdown in talks between Joshua’s representatives and Queensberry, fronted by Frank and George Warren, Tyson Fury’s promoters, over a December 3 bout a war of words has escalated between the two camps. 

Speaking as the fight appeared dead in the water, Fury Sr. took aim at Hearn, claiming that he had denied his fighter a payday of £110m. 

John Fury has claimed Eddie Hearn has stood in the way of a £110m payday for Anthony Joshua

‘He’s a spoilt brat and he’s not a good manager at all. Because he’s cost AJ £110 million and got him beat three times. I wouldn’t want him managing me,’ Fury Sr. told JOE. 

Hearn, speaking to Boxing Social at a promotional event for Chris Eubank Jr against Conor Benn, scoffed at the suggestion. 

He said: ‘If he offered £110m, why don’t you pay us half of that and we’ll take the fight? Put it in a contract that that’s the guarantee, brains. Give us half as a guarantee and we’ll take the fight.’

The father of Tyson sarcastically labelled Hearn the ‘brains of Britain’ in social media rant

Responding to Hearn’s comments on social media, Fury offered his fans a breakdown of the supposed money that Hearn has denied Joshua.  

‘This is a video to Eddie Hearn. Mr Brains of Britain. Let me explain it to you, my friend, how you cost your man over £100m,’ he said. 

‘£15m step-aside money. Free money. Then Tyson would’ve gone and done what AJ couldn’t do. He’s gone and beat Usyk and brought all the belts back to the UK.

‘In the meantime, AJ could’ve had a couple of easy victories – another £30m – and then he could’ve challenged Tyson for the belt. Well, who knows what numbers what would’ve done.

‘So, yeah, you don’t need to be the brains of Britain to see how you cost him money and put him into a position where he was on a hiding to nothing, Mr Brains of Britain.’

Fury bemoaned Joshua’s promoter for standing in the way of his fighter receiving a huge windfall

The war of words between the two camps has escalated in the aftermath of the planned December 3 bout seeming dead in the water

With the proposed bout for December 3 now representing something more akin to a he said-she said row, Fury’s suggestions are likely to anger Hearn even further after the promoter took issue with journalist Gareth A. Davies for allegedly suggesting he was the one who did not want the fight.   

‘I just saw the comments and it was like, according to you, everyone else wanted the fight apart from me. And by the way, I believe Queensbury wanted the fight, and I also believe that Fury would take the fight,’ Hearn told Davies in front of the Boxing Social cameras. 

‘I didn’t mind him taking the fight. What people have to understand is I have no say. No say. I would say to AJ look, Fury’s been on. He’s offered you 60/40 and 50/50 in the rematch. 

‘We went back and we said 60/40 in the rematch and December 17. They came back and went, “No – this is the deal, take it or leave it.” He went “f**k it, I’ll do it” and I said let’s do it.’

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