John Fury says he’d ‘tear limbs off’ Jake Paul as match with Tommy Fury back on

John Fury said that he would 'tear limbs off' Jake Paul after arranging a grudge match between his son Tommy Fury and his rival.

Fury Sr says an agreement has been reached for the two rivals to fight in February in Dubai. After his hastily arranged exhibition fight against Rolly Lambert on Sunday evening, Tommy called on rival Paul to get into the ring and fight him.

Paul was commentating ringside and heckled rival Fury during the contest before angering his father Fury Sr who took off his shirt and went to confront the American Youtuber.

Fury Sr said he spars with his sons Tommy and Tyson and would 'tear the limbs off' people like Paul.

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"He showed tonight he's not a true fighting man," said Fury Sr after Paul refused to enter the ring when called out by his son.

"If that was one of my boys and they behaved like him I'd question their bottle. He's a Youtuber, a clever young man but he's not a fighting man.

"We're bred to fight. I'm an old aged pensioner but I'll still throw down with anybody in the world with bare knuckles or gloves or whatever. I've had hundreds of fights outside pubs, in car parks, in the ring or whatever.

"I will give anybody a problem and outside I'm probably as strong as three men. I train every day, I run every day, I left weights and we spar, not just with him (Tommy) but with Tyson.

"I know I'm capable of tearing limbs off people like that."

Paul beat Deji in his only amateur fight and has since won nine fights stopping four opponents.

Fury has been scheduled to fight Paul on two occasions but the bout has never happened. The ex-Love Island star initially pulled out with a chest infection and some broken ribs at the start of the year, only for the rearranged bout to also be cancelled due to alleged Visa issues stopping Fury from entering America.

Despite the animosity between the camps, Fury Sr claims to have shaken on a deal which would see his son fight Paul in February.

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"I've locked him down, backed him into a corner and checkmated him, added Fury Sr. "He's agreed to a February bout. He shook my hand, he gave me his word of honour his manager, it's happening in February.

"I said, 'Listen, if you back out, you'll never live it down in your life and you can't break a man's handshake.' Contracts mean nothing to me but a handshake does and my word, you can build a tower block on it.

"He's given me his word, his manager, we fight in February. And where better place? The world of Dubai. The new world, great."


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