Masvidal savages 'coward' Edwards – is desperate for a fight this year

‘I’ll beat this guy’s f***ing teeth in, but he’s nowhere to be found’: Jorge Masvidal hits out at Leon Edwards for turning down fight and warns UFC he will go ‘full blast’ if they fail to set up his next fight before 2022

  • Jorge Masvidal has not fought since being knocked out by Kamaru Usman  
  • He came up short against the dominant champion but is desperate for next fight
  • Masvidal wants to fight again this year and ‘is moving on from Leon Edwards’ 
  • British rival is holding out for the next title shot rather than face ‘Gamebred’

Jorge Masvidal has hit out at British star Leon Edwards for turning down a fight with him ‘two or three times’ and branded him a ‘coward’ he has to move on from. 

‘Gamebred’ is desperate for a fight before the end of this year with his last outing being the KO defeat by welterweight champion Kamaru Usman back in April. 

A match-up with Edwards made sense given the bad blood between them following a backstage scrap two years ago in London. 

Jorge Masvidal is desperate to fight before next year having not competed since losing by KO against Kamaru Usman back in April at UFC 261 

Leon Edwards does not want to face Masvidal despite bad blood and is chasing a title shot

But ‘Rocky’ is now holding out for a title shot against the winner of Usman vs Colby Covington. 

Masvidal savaged the Birmingham fighter, telling MMAUncensored: ‘That guy is such a talking f****ing machine. Cause the contract’s in front of his face, he’s said no like two or three times already. We’re already moving on. 

‘We’re not gonna saying names or nothing. I do a lot of this when it comes to contracts. It’s either yes or no when a contract gets put in front of me.

‘Who is the highest ranked guy with the most money I can make, that’s who I’m going with. Leon was talking about I turned down the fight. No, you f***ing moron of a person. I fought for the belt twice. Why would I fight you? Who the f**k are you again? 

‘Now I got some spare time, I’ll beat this guy’s f***ing teeth in but he’s nowhere to be found. So we might have to move on cause he’s a coward.’

Edwards recently tweeted: ‘My next fight will be for the world title I don’t want to hear nothing about a guy coming off 2 fight skid and got KO’d his last fight.’ 

Masvidal says he has been pestering the UFC’s chief business officer Hunter Campbell for a fight but there has been a frustrating lack of movement. 

‘I’ve been freaking going in and out of Hunter [Campbell’s] office and calling him and they still haven’t given me a date or opponent. I wanted to fight this year. I don’t know what the f**k’s going to happen.’

He added: ‘I already told them give me a f***ing deadline before I go full blast takeover.

‘Gamebred’ is frustrated by the lack of news around possible opponents for him to fight next 

‘Like one of those bad governments when they get flipped and stuff. I need a fight, Hunter! 

The Miami fighter remains one of the most popular pay-per-view draws and it seems the UFC are biding their time to find the right opponent. 

At 36, Masvidal recognises that he only has a limited time left at the very top of the sport and wants to shift the narrative away from the brutal manner of his last defeat. 

It will be fascinating to see who he is matched with and whether the UFC reward Edwards with a title fight early next year.  

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