Mike Tyson, 53, claims he's in 'best shape' EVER

‘As a human being, I feel like sky is the limit!’: Mike Tyson, 53, claims he’s in ‘best shape’ EVER as boxing icon considers getting ‘whole body inked up’ because he is in ‘such good physical condition’

  • Mike Tyson has told of his fantastic physical condition at the age of 53 
  • The former heavyweight champion believes he is in a great place with his health
  • ‘Iron Mike’ is also considering getting tattoos over his whole body   

Mike Tyson insists he is in the best shape of his life, 33 years on from taking his first heavyweight world title. 

The boxing icon retired in 2006 after becoming the youngest heavyweight champion of the world and bringing himself firmly into the conversation for the greatest of all time. 

He appears to have settled into retirement 14 years later, appearing regularly on his ‘Hotboxin’ podcast with stars from Eminem to Tyson Fury, and has revealed he is in fantastic physical condition too.

Mike Tyson claims he is in the shape of his life deep into his retirement from boxing 

The former world heavyweight champion remains one of the faces of the sport 

‘I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in my totally life of existence. I have no complains,’ Tyson said on WBC Talks. 

‘This is the best time of my life. As a human being, I feel like sky is the limit and nothing could go wrong,’ 

‘I am very fit. The best I ever been in my life. I’m training everyday.’ 

The American is one of the most notorious punchers ever, and now hosts his own podcast 

The former champion is also considering adding to his tattoo’s due to his physical condition

‘Iron Mike’ already has an instantly recognisable tattoo on the left side of his face among his body art, but the former champion is now pondering going much further.  

‘The other day, I was thinking about just getting a tattoo. I’m in such good physical condition. I was just thinking about getting my whole body inked up,’ he added.

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