Mike Tyson and Jake Paul to hold fight talks in huge boxing phone call this week

A blockbuster bout between Mike Tyson and Jake Paul could move a step closer this week with the pair set to hold crunch talks over the phone.

Rumours have long circulated over a potential fight between former heavyweight champ Tyson, 55, and YouTube brat-turned-boxer Paul, 25. Both men have spoken in the past about their willingness for a meeting in the ring, and Iron Mike gave it the go-ahead once again during an appearance on Bill Maher's podcast.

The Baddest Man on the Planet revealed: "I’m going to call him [Paul] sometime on Friday and we’re going to talk." Asked if he would accept the bout should talks progress, he confirmed: "Absolutely."

Tyson hasn't stepped foot in the ring for two years since his shock comeback against Roy Jones Jr in 2020. On that occasion, the 55-year-old laboured to a draw over eight rounds.

Reports emerged earlier this year that Tyson would return to the ring after reaching an agreement over a multi-million pound bout with Paul. But the former heavyweight king quickly dismissed those claims, saying: "This is new to me. I saw Jake in St. Barths and he never mentioned it."

Paul himself is set to return to the boxing arena on August 13 for his sixth professional fight, having not yet faced a pro boxer. Despite that glaring omission from his record, Tyson has talked up the social media star.

"I don't even look at him the way, I can't even say what they call him," he said. "Yeah, he's a fighter. But they don't want to credit him as being a fighter. Because he's f***ing white with blue eyes and blonde hair."

He added: "That's his thing, everybody wants to kick his ass. Every nationality wants to kick his ass.

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"He p***es everybody off. But he's a great salesman, great, great salesman. He's a great promoter and he doesn't even know it."

Earlier this year, Tyson confirmed he would be willing to face Paul in the ring for the sole reason that it could break the all-time record for PPV figures.

"Jake Paul believe it or not is more profitable than the champs," he said on his own Hotboxin' podcast. "Listen, this guy probably brings like eighty million people to the table. Him alone, he could do eighty or ninety million.”

Asked if he would fight Paul, he confirmed: "Hell yeah – only to break the record though, I’m not going to do it if I’m not going to break the record."

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