Ngannou accidentally SHATTERS a door before 'offering to pay damages'

Francis Ngannou accidentally SHATTERS a door after opening it the wrong way to leave shopkeeper furious – before posing with the UFC legend after the Cameroonian ‘offered to pay the damages’

  • Francis Ngannou takes on Tyson Fury in Saudi Arabia at the end of October 
  • Ngannou, 37, has enlisted the help of heavyweight boxing legend Mike Tyson 
  • Fury and Ngannou’s promo video goes VIRAL as they display feats of strength 

Francis Ngannou has accidentally handed Tyson Fury another indicator of his prodigious strength by accidentally shattering a shop door in Las Vegas. 

The Cameroon-born former UFC icon is in Las Vegas training for his upcoming box office clash with heavyweight boxer Tyson Fury in Saudi Arabia, in a highly-anticipated clash. 

The fight is set to be hugely financially lucrative for both parties, although Fury has been outspoken in his estimations that he will earn around £164.5million from both this fight later in October, and an upcoming bout with Oleksandr Usyk combined. 

However, he will be coming up against one of the biggest punchers in the world, and Ngannou has enlisted the help of boxing legend Mike Tyson as part of his preparation for the Gulf state showdown. 

Yet Ngannou may have got himself in a strange situation just weeks out from the titanic clash, as he was caught on camera accidentally smashing the door of a shop in the Nevada city. 

Francis Ngannou was looking to gain entry into the shop, failing to realise it was a ‘pull’ not a ‘push’ door

The glass from the door exploded as he pushed before he was accosted by the furious owner

All was later forgiven as the former UFC star posed with the shopkeeper after reportedly offering to pay for the damages

Approaching the shop, Ngannou had looked to push the door open and enter the establishment, only to find his way barred. 

Trying again with a little more force to gain entry, he was again rebuffed, before the glass in the door’s window panes exploded and shattered to the ground, leaving the fighter visibly shocked. 

He then tentatively pulled the door to get inside, and stepped over the glass to be accosted by the furious shop owner.

Although the footage had no audio, it was clear from the shopkeeper’s body language and gestures that he was far from pleased with the MMA superstar. 

He took Ngannou outside to remonstrate with him and show him the extent of the damage, but the fighter remained calm and seemed to explain to the owner that he had every intention of paying for the damages. 

It seemed to do the trick in calming the angry proprietor down, as the two then posed for a picture together once the situation had resolved itself. 

Ngannou will meet Fury in the ring on October 28, but judging from the overall reaction to his media training sessions, he will be hard-pressed to lay a glove on the WBC heavyweight champion Fury. 

‘Mate, John Fury said it, if he’s fighting and throwing punches like that, it’s going to be a walkover,’ Fury’s former opponent Derek Chisora told Boxing Social after seeing Ngannou train.

Ngannou has enlisted the help of legendary boxer Mike Tyson in his preparation to face Tyson Fury

The Cameroonian fighter will be up against it when he takes on Fury in Saudi Arabia

Ngannou was put through his paces by trainer Tyson during a media workout earlier in September

‘Tyson is in camp now, he is going to come in and knock him out because he has got a big fight in December.’

John Fury, father of Tyson, predicted that it would be one of his son’s ‘quickest knockouts’ in his long fighting career, claiming it might not even pass the first three minutes.

‘He won’t get out the first round, it’s probably gonna be Tyson’s quickest knockout,’ claiming Fury. 

‘If that’s what he’s got, God help him, he’ll get smashed to bits.

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