Pacquiao blames McGregor’s attitude for UFC loss which crushed fight hopes

Manny Pacquiao has hit out at Conor McGregor's attitude in the wake of the Irishman's defeat to Dustin Poirier at UFC 257.

The Notorious was knocked out in the second round of his latest Octagon comeback despite going into the fight as a heavy favourite.

And now Pacquiao, widely regarded as one of the best fighters of all time, has accused McGregor of 'underestimating' his opponent.

He believes the 32-year-old overlooked the ability of Poirier, who has beaten the likes of Max Holloway, Justin Gaethje and Eddie Alvarez since his defeat to McGregor in 2014.

Speaking to ABS-CBN News, he said: "'Losing is part of the game. In sport there are winners and losers, that's all.

"It is not about defeat, but about how you accept defeat in your life: how you get over that difficult time in your life.

"McGregor had already beaten his rival before and I think that made him underestimate him."

McGregor's shock defeat in Abu Dhabi has also floored any talk of a potentially lucrative bout between the Dubliner and Pacquiao.

The pair had been expected to clash later in 2021, with McGregor having claimed the fight was 'almost a certainty.'

Sean Gibbons, who is president of Manny Pacquiao promotions, had previously shut down such rumours and claimed there is 'no demand for the fight.'

He continued by touching on McGregor's disappointing defeat to Poirier and hinted that that he needs to 'clean up' his business in the UFC before his attention can switch to Pacquiao.

Speaking to The Sun, he said; "'Very unfortunate [that McGregor lost], it looked like Conor looked past Dustin and got knocked out.

"Maybe he had the Senator on his mind. I think the demand for the fight is not there presently.

"Conor has some business to clean up and handle in the UFC. It's a bummer, it could have been fun for as long as it lasted and know leg kicks would have made a world of difference."

McGregor hasn't stepped foot in the boxing ring since 2017 when he fought Floyd Mayweather Jr. in one of the most anticipated bouts of all-time.

The Irishman lasted ten rounds in Las Vegas before being knocked out by Mayweather in a fight which is estimated to have earned McGregor close to £100million.

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