Remembering the time ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin whupped Booker T in a supermarket

The early 2000s was a pretty weird time for wrestling.

With WWE (then WWF) buying out WCW — their biggest competition after an all-out war in the ’90s — things got a bit bloated and weird.

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin, then heel, was received again as a face, though he had joined the Alliance and wrestled for them in the elimination match at Survivor Series 2001. Yeah. All a bit weird. Really, it was just a mess. 

Anyway, Austin found himself back in “WWF employment” following the demise of WCW at Survivor Series 2001, for some reason. He was just as quickly backed by kayfabe WWF co-owner and was pitted against WCW outcast and now Vince McMahon guy, Booker T.

After a night of Austin chasing Booker T in, out and around the arena, the five-time WCW champion sought sanctuary in a supermarket.

The rest, as they say, is history.

To this day, it’s still one of the funniest, most wonky, most entertaining segments in WWE history.

The entire WCW/ECW Invasion angle was less than well-received by wrestling fans then and now, but we at least have to thank WWE for this seven minutes of pure and utter ridiculousness in the wake of the story.

“Price check on jackass!”

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