Teofimo Lopez stuns Vasyl Lomachenko in lopsided boxing lightweight unification upset

Teofimo Lopez is the unified lightweight champion after defeating Vasyl Lomachenko in a unanimous points decision in a stunning upset.

Lopez, a 23-year-old American, became the only four-belt champion in lightweight history and the youngest four-belt champion in boxing history.

But while it was clearly the right call after Lomachenko struggled in the early rounds, fans were stunned by just how easy it was. Or at least how easy one of the judges thought it was.

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Before the fight, Lopez was looking for the early KO, while Lomachenko said he wanted to take the unbeaten 23-year-old deep into the fight.

It was a bold strategy with Lopez coming in undefeated in 15 fights with 12 knock outs, with the winner unifying the lightweight division.

Lomachenko, the 32-year-old Ukrainian three weight champion, brought the WBA, WBO and WBC “Franchise” champion titles into the fight while Lopez carries the IBF title with the winner unifying the division.

And the nine-year age difference paid off for Lopez early with the younger upstart throwing huge punches.

The live ESPN commentators were stunned as through the first six rounds, Lopez was believed to have won all six rounds.

But Lomachenko flicked the switch in round seven and came back dramatically.

Lomachenko doubled his output from the six rounds through round seven and eight.

Throughout the fight, Lomachenko was landing a much higher percentage of his punches and fought back late in the fight.

Teofimo Lopez was dominant in the early rounds.Source:Getty Images

Lopez appeared to be tiring as the fight went on.

At the end of the 10th round, with Lomachenko bouncing back, Lopez was warned about an accidental low blow.

In the final round, Lopez was even split open above his right eye after an accidental headbutt.

But as the results came down, there could be one winner.

Judge Tim Cheatham had the score 116-112, Steve Weisfeld had the score 117-111 but Julie Lederman had the score 119-109, meaning Lomachenko would have only won one round, reportedly the 11th.

All four judges had Lopez win rounds one through seven but from then on it was a mixed bag.

Here is the official scorecard for #LomaLopez .. the Julie Lederman card was absurd because while Loma lost, clearly he definitely won more than 1 round pic.twitter.com/vZzCVeCktn

The commentators said 119-109 was wide but agreed that “boxing got it right”.

ESPN’s Joe Tessitore said: “You could talk about the scorecards but the right man won the fight.”

It was a sentiment that most agreed with but while ultimately it was the right decision with few disputing the result was correct, but the 119-109 score had some perplexed.

Julie Lederman's 119-109 card is absolute garbage. There's really no way around that. #LomaLopez

Again what fighters do inside that ring is gallant and Noble. What the judges do outside it is anything but. Tired of saying it, and sick of seeing it. #LomachenkoLopez #LomaLopez

I told you the #LomaLopez scorecards would be interesting. But I did not predict the terribleness of a 119-109 score for Lopez. Definitely not an 11-1 fight.

119-109 is harsh but the right man won and won WELL #LomaLopez

I had Lopez winning, but those were some pretty crazy scores! #LomaLopez

#Loma is the better boxer, but he played himself. idk if he underestimated Lopez, but his first 5-6 rounds were just inexcusable.#LomaLopez #LomavsLopez

Lopez was understandably buzzing after the result.

“I’ve got to thank God, and this is for my boy who passed away earlier this year, two days before Kobe passed away,” he said. “I had to dig deep man, I’m thankful, I’m grateful and each and every day I take that in. I thank God first because I couldn’t do it without him. I walk by faith for a reason. And it feels good.”

Lopez was told at the end of the 10th round that he just needed to make it to the end of the fight to win, but he continued pressing, ultimately coming out with a lopsided victory on the cards.

And in the final round, Lopez hit back strongly with a fight-high 50 punches landed in the final round, the most ever in a round against Lomachenko.

Congrats @TeofimoLopez !! Youngest ever Undisputed Lightweight Champion of the World!! Enjoy it my man!! 👊🏻 #LomaLopez #ESPNBoxing

Give that man all four belts. All Hail Lopez. #LomaLopez

Everybody in the boxing world crowned 👑 Loma before he deserved it. Lopez showed everybody watching tonight he was never the guy people thought he was. I want and need to see a rematch #LomaLopez

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