Tommy Fury shows off body transformation ahead of KSI fight

Tommy Fury shows off incredible body transformation with ripped phyisque ahead of grudge match with KSI and insists he ‘doesn’t cut corners’… but his rival hits back: ‘It will make it so much funnier when I knock him out’

  • Tommy Fury showed fans his bulging physique ahead of his fight with KSI  
  • The ex-Love Island star said he doesn’t cut corners after displaying his new look  
  • Fury is the favourite to secure victory over the YouTuber in Manchester  

Tommy Fury has shown off his incredible body transformation over nine weeks ahead of his grudge match with KSI – and warned: ‘I don’t cut corners’.

The former Love Island star is being backed as the favourite for his highly-anticipated fight against the YouTuber at the Manchester Arena this Saturday – and his reveal of his striking new look will do nothing to sway the bookies. 

The 24-year-old uploaded a picture showing how his body has changed over the last couple of months – comparing a picture of himself from nine weeks ago standing in a pair of swimming trunks by the water alongside one of him recently inside a gym.

The latest picture shows Fury flexing his muscles, with his physique significantly improving as he showed off a ripped torso and abdominals, bulging biceps and much bigger shoulders and chest.

Writing a caption alongside the stunning transformation, Fury insisted: ‘A nine week transformation… one thing about me, I don’t cut corners. Ever.’

Tommy Fury has shown off his incredible body transformation ahead of his fight with KSI

But his opponent was left unimpressed by his new look and said he would still knock him out

Tensions have flared between Fury and KSI after a heated press conference back in August 

His girlfriend Molly-Mae – who he met on the hit ITV dating show – hailed his appearance as ‘absolutely insane’ while other fans were also left impressed, with some calling him a ‘tank’ and a ‘beast’.

But KSI was left unmoved by the picture, instead using it to poke fun at his rival.

‘Will make it so much funnier when I knock him out,’ the Youtuber wrote on X. 

There have been huge tensions growing between the pair ahead of their collision on October 14, with their press conference in August descending into chaos after Tommy’s farther flipped a table when KSI was heard mocking the family.

John stood and declared that ‘the Furys are the best fighters in the world’.

He continued: ‘The Furys dominate. We are the best men in the world. We will fight anybody in our way.’ 

KSI was heard mocking the Furys before Tommy’s dad John ended up flipping a table

KSI retorted: ‘Why is Tyson Fury ducking Oleksandr Usyk then? Why is he ducking Oleksandr Usyk?’ 

John Fury snapped: ‘Full of s***. Full of s***. Shut up ‘mother******. Come fight me now instead of talking all this bull**** about people’s f****** b*******.

He continued: ‘We are fighting men. My son [pointing to Tommy] will fight him now [pointing to KSI] and then fight anyone else who wants it. Now, lets get the f****** ball rolling.

‘Get the cake and shove it up your a*** hole before I do it. All these little f****** kids. I am a machine. Me! Can anyone question who I am here? I will take them’.

John finished by knocking the microphones over and flipping his table before kicking KSI’s table over too.

The YouTuber-turned-boxer was furious and jumped to his feet to square up to Tommy’s father.

As a result, both Tommy and KSI’s support teams swarmed to the centre of the stage to engage in a mass brawl. Security rushed in to prevent the two teams from causing any more damage. 

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