Tommy Fury welcomes a future bout against KSI

‘If KSI wants to entertain a fight, I’ll take that no problem’: Tommy Fury welcomes a future bout against YouTuber, deriding him as ‘no Jake Paul’ – as British rival claims he would ‘destroy’ both fighters after watching their Saudi showdown

  • Tommy Fury said he has ‘no problem’ fighting KSI after his win against Jake Paul
  • Fury beat YouTube star Paul on split-decision during their bout in Saudi Arabia
  • After the fight, KSI took to Twitter to say he ‘would destroy both Paul and Fury’ 

Tommy Fury has thrown down the gauntlet to YouTuber KSI and has sparked rumours of a potential fight in the future.

After Fury beat social media star Jake Paul on split-decision, the 23-year-old decided to call out KSI – saying he has ‘no problem’ taking the fight. 

TNT said:  ‘At the end of the day, KSI can sit back in his seat in London and say what he wants. Like I said before, he can do what he wants.’

The former Love Island contestant then went on to say that a potential bout with KSI would be an easier fight than beating Paul.

‘Sparring ain’t fighting, you got to get in there to do it and I’ll tell you now if KSI wants to entertain a fight – he’s no Jake Paul and I’ll take that no problem,’ added Fury.

Tommy Fury beat social media star Jake Paul on split-decision during their bout in Saudi Arabia

Fury said KSI is ‘no Jake Paul’ as he sparked rumours of a potential all-British clash in the ring

However, KSI seemed to disagree with this assessment – calling both Paul and Fury ‘trash’ in the aftermath of the fight. 

The 29-year-old took to Twitter after Fury’s win and said: ‘Honestly I would destroy both Jake Paul and Tommy Fury.’

The YouTuber then uploaded a video and added: ‘Don’t mind me. Don’t mind me! Just smoking on that Jake Paul pack. Honestly, Jake Paul? Trash. Tommy Fury? Trash.’

The fight was heavily built-up, after two years of bouts being called off, and Fury was the rightful winner in the end.

The British boxer’s experience in the ring showed as he was able to nullify Paul’s threat throughout the eight rounds.

Fury was pushed all the way by Paul but held on to claim the biggest win of his career so far

After the fight, Paul said he was struggling coming into the big occasion.

The 26-year-old said: ‘I felt flat, I got sick twice in this camp and injured my arm. It wasn’t my best performance, but I’m not making excuses and I’ll come back stronger.’

Tommy’s dad, John Fury, then hinted that a rematch would almost certainly be on the cards – presenting an opportunity for Paul to prove himself. 

Tommy’s coach and dad said: ‘Let’s do it again in Saudi Arabia. The sky’s the limit. Rematch, rematch Jake Paul in Saudi.’ 

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