Tommy Welch blasts aside Jiri Svacina in first round as Britain's heavyweight contender extends unbeaten record

Tommy Welch says he hurt Jiri Svacina with ‘every shot’ as Britain’s heavyweight contender added another first round win to his record in Italy.

Welch had to cope with a late change of opponent, with Svacina stepping in to replace Petr Frolich, but still completed another ruthless victory as he floored the Czech on four occasions.

The 26-year-old, who is the son of former world title challenger Scott Welch, is yet to progress past the second round in his four successive knockout victories.

“When I hit him flush with the first big shot in the first 10 seconds of the opening round, I knew that I had him,” said Welch.

“From that point on, Svacina knew that he was in with an animal and he wasn’t going to escape, and I hurt him with every shot as he hit the canvas four times.


“He sat on his stool after the first round and it was clear he didn’t want any more.

“He said to me afterwards, ‘man, you’re very strong and fast, these heavyweights are going to struggle with you’ which was good to hear as he’s very experienced and been in with a lot of people.

“Svacina was the original opponent, but we wanted someone heavier and went with Frolich, but then he was replaced with Svacina again. I was a little angry and that’s why the fight probably ended as quick as it did.

“Due to my performance I had the crowd behind me. It reminded me of the line in the movie Gladiator ‘win the crowd and you will win your freedom’ and that’s what I did.”

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