Tyson Fury & Deontay Wilder kept apart in explosive weigh-in as Gypsy King booed

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Tyson Fury weighed in at the heaviest in his career and then sickeningly threatened to put Deontay Wilder in hospital.

The Gypsy King, 33, tipped the scales at 19st 11lb – a pound heavier than his 2018 comeback fight against Sefer Seferi.

Wilder, 35, was also at his career heaviest as he weighed in at 17st ahead of the WBC heavyweight title clash.

A fired-up Fury stuck his middle finger up in the direction of Wilder’s team – which included his fiancee – as he stepped on the scales while the Brit also flicked the bird towards the booing crowd.

The pair then traded insults before Fury delivered a vile taunt.

He said: “I’m going to put him in the royal infirmary after this. Don’t worry about that.

“His heart is rattling, his balls have gone up

“There ain’t a man born from his mother’s c*** who can beat me and certainly not that sausage.

“There is going to be an obliteration this time.

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“I’m going to run him over, I’m going to destroy him.”

Fury bellowed insults continuously at Wilder after he weighed in fully clothed.

His brother Shane also exchanged insults with Wilder’s team at the heated weigh-in.

The Gypsy King, dressed in a black fedora in tribute to The Undertaker, had already exchanged barbs with his rival backstage when they arrived at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

Both men shouted ‘f*** your momma” before Fury’s brother Shane called Wilder a “p***y”.

The insults continued on stage.

They fighters did face off but they were kept about 2m apart as tempers threatened to boil over.

Wilder explained he has put on half a stone from their second fight in February 2020 to stop Fury bullying him in the bout.

He said: “The weight just came on, I wanted to look sexy.

“I’ve been bench pressing a lot. There won’t be rushing me this time.”

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