‘Washed up’: Fiery UFC rivalry erupts

The simmering feud between Israel Adesanya and Jon Jones boiled over this week when the middleweight champ torched the former light heavyweight champ.

Verbal barbs have been traded between the two UFC superstars in recent times as speculation mounts the two could meet in the Octagon.

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Jones kicked off proceedings a month ago when he called Adesanya scared and said he's been hiding behind the internet instead of stepping up to fight him.

“Fighter and coach is mentioning my name in interviews but refused to sign the dotted line. Straight h** s**t. Mention a man’s dead mother over the Internet but looking to fight Jared cannoneer,” Jones wrote on Twitter.

“The only time you hear for me is when I respond (to Adesanya). It’s no secret that I want to break this clowns neck. B***h is hiding behind The Internet and his coaches.”

Adesanya wasted no time in hitting back as he brought up Jones’ criminal history while also bringing family into the discussion.

“You’ve embarrassed your father enough. Your mom too. Dutch has way more discipline than their disappointment of a son,” Adesanya wrote along with a follow up tweet of Jones in a police station.

Adesanya took things up another gear this week, after it was confirmed he would be stepping up to the light heavyweight division to fight current champion Jan Blachowicz.

“I am going to go up a weight class,” Adesanya said on Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show.

“I’m going to do what he [Jones] hasn’t done in more than ten years.

“I am going to do it in just under three years.

“You can look at his last five fights. Tell me he’s not washed.”

Adesanya is coming for another belt.Source:Getty Images

Jones is moving up to heavyweight.Source:AFP

Jones vacated his light heavyweight championship belt as he prepares to step up to the heavyweight division and take on Stipe Miocic.

Adesanya said he’s taking the belt from Blachowicz and will take out every challenger in the division and said his domination in Jones’ division would irk him.

“He is probably loathing and waiting until, I don’t know, I don’t check,” Adesanya said to The Mac Life. “He is loathing. It is rubbing him the wrong way, I know it is rubbing him the wrong way. Say something stupid, he knows I got clips, I’m ready for him.”

Despite Jones’ reported move to heavyweight, Adesanya still wants to take him on and put their fiery rivalry to bed. No matter what division it happens in.

“I’d say the first then the second. If I was waiting (to defend the light heavyweight title) I’ll just go back to 185 and f*** people up there and then if he (Jones) wins the heavyweight belt, I’ll just jump up and take that off him. It would be cool,” Adesanya said.

“It’s like, oh you took my old toy now I want it back, then comes back down and I’ll slap him across the face.”

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