Georgia’s Kirby Smart sure is no fan of Netflix’s ‘Tiger King’

Kirby Smart has had enough of tigers, regardless of whether they come from LSU, Auburn or the ones on Netflix.

The Georgia football coach admitted on Tuesday that he’s no fan of “Tiger King,” the latest Netflix sensation to hit the streaming service that has everybody talking.

The show — which centers around Joe Exotic, his zoo in Oklahoma, his thin-toothed husband(s) and a crazy cat lady who may or may not have killed her shady, multi-millionaire husband — landed on Netflix on March 20. Smart, cooped up at home, had been searching for something on Netflix to watch; so he took a dive into the much talked-about series.

I was like, dying for shows to watch during self-quarantine, and I got through two episodes, I just couldn’t do it, man. I couldn’t stomach it. And everybody continues to talk about it. My patience wears thin. I’m looking for a little more plot, a little more … I don’t know what the right word is, but that’s not my cup of tea, I’ll just say that. I’m more of an ‘Ozark’ guy.

To be fair, the show isn’t for everybody, especially seemingly so for a guy like Smart, who values plot and substance over trailer-park entertainment. There’s certainly a healthy dosage of Jerry Springer mixed in with true crime, which sounds harmless on its surface but can be a bit abrasive to watch. Case in point:

(Maybe someone can get him a shirt next)?

The show, fully titled “Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness,” has become a viral sensation while the world stays indoors due to the coronavirus pandemic.

By the way, Carole didn’t kill her husband and feed him to her tigers. Don Lewis was absolutely a drug trafficker.

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