John Smoltz is a garbage ping pong player — but he has plenty of time to improve

John Smoltz could start. John Smoltz could close.

But apparently he cannot place a long-range ping pong serve anywhere near his target. He’s comically bad at it.

His daughter, Carly Smoltz, exposed him on Twitter on Sunday with a 41 second video of him hitting just about everything but her side of the table. He struck furniture and he struck wall. When he finally struck her end of the table, she slammed the ball right by him.

“I think even John Smoltz could do better than this,” Carly joked in her post.

John Smoltz posted a .159 lifetime batting average in 21 MLB seasons, offering occasional pop from the right side but rarely squaring up the ball.

His ping pong contact also appears to be questionable, though he’ll no doubt have plenty of time to work on that in the coming weeks with the U.S. largely stuck inside to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. Sport-starved fans are eagerly awaiting his development with the paddle.

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