Major League Baseball officially elevates Negro Leagues to ‘Major League’ status

To culminate MLB's centennial celebration of the Negro Leagues, Major League Baseball "is correcting a longtime oversight in the game’s history" and is recognizing them as a "Major League."

“All of us who love baseball have long known that the Negro Leagues produced many of our game’s best players, innovations and triumphs against a backdrop of injustice," said Commissioner Rob Manfred in a statement on Wednesday. "We are now grateful to count the players of the Negro Leagues where they belong: as Major Leaguers within the official historical record.”

MLB will integrate statistics and records from seven professional Negro Leagues that operated from 1920-1948 and include approximately 3,400 players as part of its history.

Negro League stars such as Josh Gibson – who never played a single MLB game and is considered one of the best hitters baseball – Oscar Charleston and Cool Papa Bell are now officially Major Leaguers.

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