Major League Baseball Players Association sets up program to help non-roster players

The Major League Baseball Players Association, recognizing the financial hardship for the non-roster players who didn’t qualify for financial assistance in their agreement last week with Major League Baseball, established a program Friday that will help non-roster players while baseball remains in a shutdown.

The 371 non-roster players who were in spring training camps until March 13, who have played at least a day in the big leagues, can be paid up to $50,000 under the program. They were excluded as part of the $170 million agreement reached last week with clubs advancing $4,750 a day for 60 days to all players on guaranteed contracts.

The program, which is voluntary, will pay non-roster players based on their service time.

Players with less than one year of service will be paid $5,000.

1-2 years: $7,500

2-3 years: $15,000

3-5 years: $25,000

6 years or more: $50,000

The players who have earned millions throughout their career, such as Felix Hernandez of the Atlanta Braves, could opt to pass on the program, leaving more money for other players.

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