Packers QB Aaron Rodgers on what lies ahead: 'Everything is on the table'

Another offseason awaiting what’s next for Aaron Rodgers is upon us.

While last offseason was one rife with Rodgers’ disharmony with the Green Bay Packers’ front office, the 2022 offseason promises to be more cordial as Rodgers weighs retirement, explores the potential of being traded, or remaining with the Packers and perhaps signing an extension with the only franchise he’s ever called home.

“Everything is definitely on the table,” Rodgers said Tuesday on The Pat McAfee Show. “There are things that seem more plausible or more likely, which I won’t necessarily get into. The most important thing is, first, the commitment to playing and to go into the offseason and training and all that’s stuff. And then after that it’s conversations with my agent and (Packers general manager) Brian (Gutekunst) and then looking at the desires of the team and kind of the mindset moving forward, and then make a decision from there.”

The 38-year-old Rodgers’ 17th season ended on Saturday in a stunning 13-10 loss to the San Francisco 49ers for the top-seeded Packers. He’s under contract with the Packers for next season and his relationship with Gutekunst has improved, but Rodgers’ comments regarding his commitment to playing lean to retirement being a possibility. If he decides to play on, then it comes down to the hopes and aspirations of the Packers going forward, as the three-time (and potentially soon-to-be four-time) AP NFL Most Valuable Player has made it known he doesn’t want to be part of a rebuild.

While Rodgers has provided some hints of what he wants, at this moment he is letting his emotions subside before he makes any kind of decision.

“I felt like I would know if we’re in the Super Bowl at zeros, what the right thing to do was,” Rodgers said. “But not in the Divisional Round in a game we felt like we were gonna win. So, it’s a different feeling. Even if we had made the Super Bowl, regardless of the outcome, I think you have to get away from it and not it an emotional decision and take time because the enormity of the commitment to return or the decision to walk away, I think warrants ample time to contemplate and to communicate with friends and loved ones, former teammates who’ve moved on, current teammates who are still playing, I think you have to factor in all of those different bits of information and then kinda see what it feels like intuitively, inside of you and then make a decision and go with it and move forward.”

Rodgers noted that there’s no way he would call it quits and then return a season after. He reiterated how much his relationship has improved with Gutekunst, referring to it as a friendship, which is a massive indicator of progress considering last year’s friction. Therefore, he forecasts nothing like last year being on the horizon. Just some more waiting.

“One thing I would not do, 100 percent would not do, is retire and then come back a year later,” Rodgers said. “Like, that’s just I don’t have any desire to do that. That makes no sense. I feel like I’m at the place relationally with the Packers, in a really good place especially with Brian (Gutekunst) and the way our friendship and trust has grown where it would be a simple conversation and whatever comes out of the conversation is moving forward. There’s not gonna be any weird standoff or war of silence or anything, Brian and I have had good conversations throughout the year and when it comes time to make a decision we’ll have a conversation and that’ll be that. It won’t be a long drawn out process and I think that’s what’s best for me, for him, for the organization and for all the other decisions that need to be made.”

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