Super Bowl LV: Kansas City Chiefs to ‘come out swinging’ against Tampa Bay Buccaneers, says Jeff Reinebold

Jeff Reinebold expects defending champions Kansas City Chiefs to “come out swinging” in Super Bowl LV against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday.

The Chiefs finished the 2020 regular season with an NFL-best 14-2 record, but were criticised in some quarters for not being more dominant in some games, with eight of those wins coming by only one score.

Reinebold told NFL Overtime (Tuesdays, Sky Sports NFL, 9pm) he expects a statement from Kansas City’s ‘dynamic’ offense in the Super Bowl.

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“I think they were a little bit bored,” Reinebold said of the Chiefs’ habit of one-score victories. “They are so dynamic and so good.

“I looked back at the Tampa game last night – the one [from Week 12] that was 27-24 – but it wasn’t even close.

“Tampa scored some late touchdowns. But Tyreek Hill had 200 yards receiving in the first quarter of that game!

“I’ve described them like this a number of times; they’re like a cat that captures a mouse and then plays with it before it’s time to kill it.

“They let teams hang with them, but they know they can score; they’ve got great confidence and when it’s time, they turn it on.

“I think they come out swinging right from the get-go in this one. Haymaker after haymaker.”

While Hill had the standout performance in the Chiefs’ regular season win over the Bucs, Reinebold believes the Super Bowl matchup could see tight end Travis Kelce take over.

“When you get to big games, it’s all about players and not plays – and they [Kansas City] personify that.

“Kelce is such a unique mismatch. If you put a small defensive back on him, he’ll just muscle that guy and swat him away and if you put a linebacker on him, he’s athletic and supple enough in and out of his breaks.

“I love speed and the Chiefs’ three wide receivers, but when it is crunch time and you need a play, have to get a catch made, almost invariably it’s Kelce.

“You’d have to double-team him I would think, and double Hill, and then just hope for the best against Sammy Watkins and the rest of the weapons they have.”

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